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One main person involved was Susan Atkins an intelligent woman twisted by the ideas of Manson. She stabbed Sharon Tate, a pregnant actress, sixteen times, Sharon begged for mercy and Susan Atkins told her "there would be no compassion for her or her unborn bar, and after tasting the victim's blood she used the blood to write the word "pig" on the front door and left. After she admitted to stabbing the pregnant actress in her 1971 court trial, she was sentenced to the death penalty. BUT due to the Supreme Court decision in 1972 of abolishing the death penalty, Atkins was now In prison for life with POSSIBLE PAROLE!

She Is now on the brink of death and has cost the state of California over 1. 4 million dollars alone in medical costs That's doesn't even include the 3. 5 million dollars it has took to care for her in prison for almost forty years! In total, this adds up to 5 million dollars The cost to keep the death penalty in California Is ninety million dollars. Right now California has 3,300 people in for a life sentence, this only adds up to the seventy five million dollars right now. But riddle me this with crime rates only moving up in these financially bad times do you want to run the risk of putting more in life in Jail? The costs here say.

If we add one hundred people a year to the life In prison list It will only take seven years for the price of life penalties to be higher than the death penalty price! Now some people believe that sometimes the person that was accused didn't even commit the crime and that that person is being killed for no reason, but with modern technology today there Is a very unlikely chance of mixing a person up with the convict. One of the easiest ways to find out If the defendant Is the killer Is by using DNA testing to see if their DNA matches the convicted person, also besides DNA routs can use finger prints to identify the killer.

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Now even the person convicted isn't the killer there has been in the last few years a average waiting time on death row of 12 and 1/2 years with some men walling up to 25 years, that give the defendant and the government more than enough time to review the case and look for new evidence!!! But enough with costs of the death penalty, what is your moral view. People view the death penalty in many ways, some for it and others against it. But what It takes for ones opinion to be changed Is the death of someone you know or are Emily members with. Most seek revenge and want that person to die and experience what they did to the victim.

Now what would you want a the killer of you dad or you mom, maybe you sister or brother to get? Life in prison or the death penalty. The murderer should have to face what their victim did! Now what do you really want? During life prison the prisoners can get a chance to have a education In prisons While we are paying for college and schooling they are getting a free education that 1 OFF we pa Rebuttal The plan proposed by the affirmative side will not work! While we are paying for allege and schooling prisoners can be getting a free education that we pay for with our tax!

For the people locked up for life in prison. It's a university of crime where prisoners are schooled to be "better" criminals. The taxpayers pay the tuition. It costs more than a Harvard education. Prison is the breeding ground for the worst social evils. Remember that 35 out of the 50 states still support capital punishment! That is more than 70% of the states, that dost even include the U. S. Government that also supports capital punishment. Ohio also uses the death penalty. Also more than 62% f Americans still support the death penalty. That is way more than half!

It also comes down to the view of the watcher, some people that don't support the death penalty haven't gotten to feel what it is like to have a brother or parent, child or friend killed. Many peoples view change when they are asked, " If someone you loved was murdered, would you still want them to have life in prison or do them deserve what they did? ". Many people are hit hard by this question, but what would you want? To know that the murderer that killed a loved one gets the same thing that they did to the victim? Or to see them in prison possibly getting an education with our tax money!

With DNA testing and the new advancements in forensics there is almost no chance that the accused is really not the killer. Some killers out there have killed seven people or more, and you really want them to get away with it? Than this is not the America our founding father based it on! People deserve the right to know that they don't have to go to bed worrying that the murderer that killed there loved one is out there not getting what they deserve! Just like in the courts of King Hamburg, The convicted deserves the eye for an eye tooth for a tooth treatment.

The idea of abolishing the death penalty is corrupt and will ruin the system, many say that the death penalty cost more than life in prison, but if all the people on death row are put in for life in prison within 10 years the death penalty cost will look tiny compared to the price of life in prison. .Sam and Andrew are wrong! If we let people like them take control of society who knows? Maybe gay marriage will be legalized and a women can go and abort a baby, as if it is Just a regular part of their daily routine! Getting rid of the death penalty will ruin society!

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