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Pride and Prejudice Response Paper example

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Our honorable instructor, Professor Tang assigned us to read three novels in our National Day Vacation: Hills like White Elephants by Ernest Hemingway, Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen, and A Woman On a Roof by Doris Lessing. Of these three, I favored Pride and Prejudice most, as apparently, neither the simple story of the sun-bathing woman in A Woman On a Roof was easier enough for me to understand its “representative of modern women figures”, nor the ugly face of the man who persuaded his girlfriend to take a “perfectly simple” abortion in Hills Like White Elephant interested enough for me.

So though I was actually a fan of the novel Pride and Prejudice, with more than five times novel reading experiences, and more than ten times movie audience experiences ( Pride and Prejudice starred Keira Knightley and Matthew Macfadyen), I picked up this novel and read it in my vacation. ?? I presume that Pride and Prejudice was the most comical one of Jane Austen’s novels. People around me regarded this novel as a love story, yet to me, the novel is an illusion of the environment, the society at those years. Elizabeth, or Lizzie, the heroine and Mr. Darcy, the haughty hero, a literary idol of girls like me, are the exceptions of the gender relationships at that time. In my humble opinion, the relationship between Jane, the second heroine in this novel and Mr. Bingley was a real picture that showed the characteristics of the relationship in that federal era. They loved each other and were deeply enchanted with each other from the bottom of their heart. Yet Mr. Bingley was too shy and too worrying, he set too many obstacles for himself, while Jane was a typically conservative lady, she was bounded by the old manner and so-called “courtesy”.

They hardly missed the chance to marry each other. When it comes to my favourite character—Lizzie, I must confess that she was the bravest heroine in all books I have read. At first she refused Mr. Darcy’s propose, but at last she changed her mind and was totally fell in love with him. This change represents her iron inner self and her unique personality, and that’s why she was so charming. Many writers these days like to use Lizzie as an example to stress the feminism, for she dared to chase what she care.

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I think she was also a successful example for all of our girls, as now we are so young, and we have the chance to chase our dream. Chaucer once said that we soon believe what we desire. That is also the unique way of Lizzie in Pride and Prejudice. All in all, Pride and Prejudice represent the climax of Jane Austen’s writing career. Also, the clues and the characters in this novel was filled with vividness, so that they are so real to our reality. That’s why I regard this novel as a real classic.

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