Pride and Prejudice Critical Analysis

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These people are general dreadful to talk to and are not enjoyed by many. While these horrid people symbolize all that is bad and prideful within the book, Jane Bennet symbolizes all that is good and lovely. Her caring, accepting, humble attitude towards everything, along with her immaculate beauty, makes her a very desirable woman to be around.

While er incredibly positive outlook on life gives many positive qualities, it also hinders her in multiple ways as well. Jane's forgiving nature benefits her throughout the book by allowing her to come to peace with scarred relationships that might have been lost, had she decided to be cold and unforgiving. On the other hand, it also opens her up to being taken advantage of by people. This was the case after her fallout with Caroline Bingley, the sister of her husband. When Jane first becomes acquainted with Mr.

Bingley, his friend, Mr. Darcy, also becomes interested in Elizabeth Bennet, Jane's younger sister. Because Caroline had interest in Mr. Darcy, this made her very upset and caused her to ultimately convince her brother to move back home, away from the Bennet sisters. This crushes Jane, because the move is so sudden, and she ultimately blames herself. Although Caroline succeeds in her efforts of separating the lovers, it is short lived. Mr. Bingley ends up returning to propose, adding Jane to the Bingley family permanently.

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Jane's forgiving nature finally comes in handy when she decides that it s time to forgive Caroline. In doing this, she is mending a broken bond throughout the Bingley family, and brightening the future for her and her husband. The negative effects of this, however, are that she did not stand up for herself when it was due, and could lead to being taken advantage of again by Miss Bingley in future situations. While many characters throughout Pride and Prejudice are conceited and selfish, Jane is humble and giving, despite being the most beautiful and kind Bennet sister.

Elizabeth says, " Compliments always take you by surprise, and me never. (16) Elizabeth says this to Jane after Bingleys party because Jane cannot believe that Bingley could possibly be taking a liking to her. It is this exact trait that attracts Bingley to her, because many other beautiful women are the exact opposite of humble. He adores her beautiful soul, which matches her beautiful face. Had she not been so humble, Mr. Bingley would not have found her any different than the countless pretty faces that he had seen throughout his life.

A large concern of many of Jane's close friends and relatives are the thought the he could be taken advantage of because she sees the world unrealistically, believing that everyone is as good and pure on the inside as she is. It is said by her father, mfour tempers are by no means unlike. You are each of you so complying, that nothing will ever be resolved on; so easy, that every servant will cheat you; and so discovering her engagement to Mr. Bingley. His main concern is that neither she nor her husband will be able recognize when they are being taken for granted, due to the fact that Jane and Mr.

Bingley share a very similar personality. They are both too unrealistic in their expectations of the amount of good in people. Elizabeth Bennet, Jane's younger sister, often praises Jane for her good-natured spirit. She often questions how pure ofa person could have ever been created. She states about Jane, "What a stroke this was for poor Jane! Who would have willingly gone through the world without believing that so much wickedness existed in the whole race of mankind... " (217) While she often praises her sister's innocent outlook on life, she is also concerned for her well being.

She is afraid that she will not Judge people for what they truly are, and will end up being brought down by them because of it. She loves her sister dearly and longs to protect her from all those who try to bring her down. Because of this, she often tries to explain to Jane that you cannot always defend the actions of others. Elizabeth says, "This will not do, you never will be able to make both of them good for anything. Take your choice, but you must be satisfied with only one. " (217) She says this after Jane has been told the truth of the tension between Mr.

Darcy and Whickham. Jane attempts to believe that both men are defendable in their actions and neither was wrong, but Elizabeth explains to her that one of them has to have been wrong. This is hard for Jane to understand, because she tries to go through life trying to believe that everyone has only done a wrong thing for some right reason. In order to succeed in life, though, she must eventually accept that she needs to defend her own goodness. Not everyone is as pure as she is on the inside. Jane Bennet is an extraordinary kind of person.

It is not often, even in reality, that someone can have such self-control and faith in others as to go through life believing that everyone is filled with kindness and good will for others. While this is a rare and incredible trait, it is also negative, for it can make a person naive and allow them to be taken advantage of. Jane's life is filled with more positive effects than negative effects, but she will eventually need to learn to be a little selfish. If she continues to live her life in such a way, the negative effects will begin to out weigh the positive ones.

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