Precis: the Death of English (Lol)

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Precis: The Death of English (LOL) Andrew Chan Language changes as a result of advancement in society, especially today, with the advances due to technology. Technology gives us new ways to communicate, which in turn changes the way we use language. Controversy has arisen with this topic. Some people say that the development of technological advances is in fact deteriorating the English language. Others, though, say that new technology promotes beneficial changes To an extent the English language is suffering because of technology.

Technology is not all the fault though. I feel that it is the fault of the society too because they have indulged text language in more than one setting. Whereas it should be kept in the phone realm it has drifted into homework and essays that are handed in for a grade in schools. I do not think that text language or any other short hand is bad if it is kept in an appropriate setting and not used as a substitute for spelling words in the English language. Text language is like hanging out with friends.

In that setting you are comfortable and may not use proper English all of the time but the minute you step foot into a situation with someone of prestige (i. e. a professor) you began to utilize your knowledge for grammar and other important factors that help make up the English language. We just have to remedy the fact that people feel that text language or anything similar can be used anywhere by providing guidelines as to the appropriate use and the appropriate settings this short hand can be used.

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