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Birthday Party Dangers

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Belinda is a nice,responsible 10 year old girl. It’s only two days before her birthday comes along on November 12. She’ already handing out the invitations for her birthday party, but only to her friends. It’s time for dinner and she forgot to hand and invitation to her best friend , she yells out to her parents “Mom i'll be back home soon, I just need to go to Mia’s place to give her the invitation real quick.” Belinda says. “Ok, but come back right away …..” My mom says, but by then i’m right out the door heading towards mia’s place.

Plip! Plop! I hear, as my shoes step on small puddles and make small splashes along the way. It’s really hard to walk past everything knowing that around me are amazing wonders that I have yet not discovered, but I must resist my intentions I have to get back home in time for dinner. “Hey you lady!” A drunk man yells at me . “Hello sir” I tell him. “You are a really pretty girl,you know.” the drunk guy tells me. “Why thank you kind sir!” I tell him. “ What are you doing pretty girl?” the drunk guy asks me. “I’m going to my friends house and giving her this invitation.” I tell him. “Why come and i’ll take you to the house in my van.” The drunk guy tells me while holding my hand,so I do as he says.

Moments later i’m in the drunk guys van.“Quiet jerry! You’re scaring the pretty girl.” The drunk guy screams into thin air. Me sitting there in the back staring at the drunk guy made me realize that the drunk guy wasn't drunk he was just trying to make me laff. “Yeah I know jerry,she is a pretty girl right we got lucky this time. “The drunk guy started to talk to thin air again. Later that day we stopped at a market and I just followed the drunk guy in. Ring! Ring! The doorbell rang as more people came into the market. “Come on pretty girl, we need to go.” the drunk guy told me. One hour later i’m falling asleep, and the last thing I see is and old abandoned building. Two seconds later and I see a different building this time it was blue,but also abandoned.

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I wake up and find myself lying on the dirty cold floor.I see the drunk guy laying on the floor too but with a broken beer bottle on the floor and some of the beer spilled on him.I finally realized that this guy was trying to steal me,and that he was going to take me away from my family, so I made a run for it. Crash!!!!! I accidently dropped one of the many bottles of beer that the guy had. “Come back pretty girl!” the guy yelled at me but I ignored him and just keep running towards my house. Slam! I shut the front door, I told my parents about what had happened with me and the drunk guy. They made and exception not to ground me forever but that I couldn’t have my birthday party. Nock! Nock! , it was the drunk guy at the door yelling pretty girl. My parents called the cops right away and the drunk guy got sent to jail.

After the drunk guy was gone I burst into tears,knowing that I was going to get stolen and with me not even noticing at all.

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