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Short Story About Birthday Party

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For over 400 years the death penalty and executions have been taking place, the earliest known recorded execution was in 1608. In the earlier years of the death penalty it was much easier to receive the sentence than it is in current day. There have been over 20,000 executions in the US since time has recorded them over half of which have been carried out by hanging. There are five main types of execution hanging, firing squad, gas chamber, electrocution, and lethal injection. Today in the United States lethal injection being the most common way an execution is carried out.

The list is long and one you do not want to be one and unluckily for Erick Daniel Davila he has ended up on this list. But he is no saint and he does deserve to have made this list for what he has done in Texas. On April 25, 2018 just last year this murderer was put to death by lethal injection in Huntsville, Texas’s prison. He only spent nine short years on death row which is relatively few compared to most death row sentences, most spend on average fifteen years before they get the sweet concoction they’ve been waiting that long-dreaded time for.

At Davila’s execution day he was only thirty-one years old and he spent only nine years in prison waiting to be executed. That means that at a young age of twenty-one years old Davila committed this crime and was sentenced. What a young age to be receiving the death sentence most young adults at the age of twenty-one can’t wait to have their first legal drink. Who knows this Davila was reportedly at a birthday party and opened fire so maybe he did have his first few drinks but ended badly for him since he must be a lightweight.

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Let’s go back to where it all began for this Davila all beginning in 2008 at a young children’s birthday party. (Herskovitz) Davila was believed to not have a intention to kill going into the party but when he saw a rival gang member that he had beef with things all went down the drain and anything was fair game. The birthday party was for one of Annette Stevenson’s granddaughters. Annette Stevenson being one of the two people fatally shot by Davila. The other killed was fiver-year-old Queshawn Stevenson. The party took place at the Stevenson’s residence in Fort Worth, Texas. All the guests at the party were children or adult women except for Jerry Stevenson, Queshawn’s father. (Davis) Around 8 PM guests were on the porch of the Stevenson’s residence when a black Mazda passed by the house slowly. A few minutes later witnesses at the party saw a man run out front of the house and start shooting at the hose and at the guests of the party. Multiple children and adults were injured from the shooting. Annette and Queshawn were the only ones to die from their injuries.

The police investigation of the shooting later led to the arrest of twenty-one-year-old Erick Daniel Davila who gave four written statements within seven hours after being in custody. Davila was a member of the Bloods Gang. (Davis) while awaiting his trial and sentencing Davila tried escaping from jail and seriously injuring a detention officer in the process. He had committed an aggravated robbery and an additional murder only two days before the shooting took place. After deliberation the jury returned with a sentence of death for the young 21 year-old

Erick Daniel Davila.

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