Essays on Childbirth

Essays on Childbirth

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Midwives’ Expanding Role in Providing Holistic Care and Conducting Newborn Examinations in Community Clinics

The government initiatives to reduce junior doctors’ hours within the NHS Plan (DH 2000) have increased the call for midwives to expand their traditional role and take on some of the tasks that in the past have mainly been carried out by junior doctors (Kings …

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African Childbirth Traditions

In the majority of African communities birth is a meaning-laden event both for the parents and the community as a whole. Children are viewed as a blessing from God.  However, despite this, very little preparation will be made prior to the birth itself as it …

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Preeclampsia Case Study

At 0600 Jennie is brought to the Labor and Delivery triage area by her sister. The client complains of a pounding headache for the last 12 hours unrelieved by acetaminophen (Tylenol), swollen hands and face for 2 days, and epigastric pain described as bad heartburn. …

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Labor and Delivery Nurse

Cassidy Howell Mrs. Savage Medical Anatomy 3 10 April 2013 Labor and Delivery Nurse It was said best by an unknown author, “If love can’t cure it, nurses can. ” Nursing is a broad and dependable career option. There are many different fields of nursing; …

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Factors Affecting Infant Feeding Practices of Mothers

A STUDY ON FACTORS AFFECTING INFANT FEEDING PRACTICES OF MOTHERS IN THE PHILIPPINES Santos, Samuel Edelson Pingol, Aaron Paul Villanueva, Lovely Ann Bermas, Mhelrick Andrew Brecia, Froyland Miguel Faustino, Donald Bulacan State University BSECE 2A Introduction Every day, as many as 4,000 infants and young …

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A Day Worth Remembering

April 10, 2007 is a day I will never forget. It was the day I gave birth to my son. Beforehand, I thought it would all be a piece of cake, but to my surprise, it was far from that. On my way to a …

ChildbirthSpecial Day
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Case study of Lisa Lawrence: gestational diabetes

The case analysis involves the primipara patient Lisa Lawrence, and the health care provider that shall administer the needs of Mrs. Lawrence. The following are the queries imposed in the overall case, which are answered by basing in the subjective and objective cues presented, as …

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Perinatal Mental Health Midwife

Application for Temporary perinatal health midwife There is increasing awareness of perinatal mental health as a public health issue. The Government is keen for midwives to further develop their role in public health. Midwives need to be adequately prepared to take on a more developed …

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The role of a MIDWIFE Essay

Supplying an effectual attention and support to the patient and for their babes during labour The Midwifes besides play a function during the postpartum period ( clip after birth ) . Such as ; Midwifes diagnose. proctor and examine adult females during gestation. Provide full …

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Normal Birth

Abstract Aim To explore the definitions of normal birth held by women who have not given birth, what influences that perspective, and compare it with those of health professionals. Background Available evidence provides conflicting definitions of normal childbirth. The majority of available evidence encapsulates the …

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The Business of Being Born

The Business of being born is an informative film that highlights us how hospitals turned into businesses and who actually benefits from the medicalization and the money that is made. We could see women giving birth naturally at home and others in hospitals and what …

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Aztec Women Roles and Society

The roles of women are useful to historians because they provide an insight into the life experiences, cultures, thoughts, and every day life of a historical period. Similarly this essay will examine the roles of women, which provide insight into the Aztec civilization’s many strengths. …

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Review of Monique and the Mango Rains

Review of Monique and the Mango Rains Monique and the Mango Rains is a memoir about a friendship that develops between Kris Holloway, and a midwife in the village of Nampossela, Mali. Kris Holloway served in the Peace Corps and was assigned for 2 years …

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Responsibilities of Health and Social Care Workers

P7- Describe the roles, responsibilities and career pathways of 3 health or social car workers. Social worker: Social workers form relationships with people and assist them to live more successfully within their local communities by helping them find solutions to their problems. Social work involves …

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Female Genital Mutilation Persuasive Essay

Is Female Genital Mutilation A Moral Practice Female genital mutilation (FGM) is not a morally justified practice. It is an unnecessary procedure that has no medical health benefits to the girls and women it is being performed on. According to Utilitarianism, we should produce the …

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Nursing Ethical Dilema-Racism

In today’s society, there are many ethical dilemmas that nurses are faced with that are virtually impossible to solve. One of the most difficult and controversial issues that society is still facing is racism. Nursing as a profession seems to avoid considering the problem of …

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Beloved by Tony Morrison

Toni Morrison is famed for her portrayal of African American life in her vivid novels, especially her portrayal of African American women and their place and position within society. Morrison was herself born in a working class family but worked hard and attended Howard University …

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Jewish Culture in Nursing

The Jewish culture has many concepts of taboo. One of the biggest items found was the importance of remembering the past. Past is a very important aspect in the Jewish community, even the breaking of a glass at the end of a wedding, symbolizes the …

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Pros and Cons of Birth in Hospitals

Nowadays the majority of women prefer hospital when they give birth, though there are other places offering apparent benefits for pregnant women outside the hospital setting. When a woman is preparing for birth she needs to make up decision where to have a baby. Many …

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Stillborn Babies

Still Born Babies What is stillbirth? The medical definition of a still birth is when a baby is born without any signs of life at or after 20 weeks or weighing more than 500g before labour. Death in the fetus may have occurred during pregnancy, …

ChildbirthHealth CareHuman Development
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Amish Birthing Paper

The religious and cultural beliefs of the Amish, have led to variations in health care practices that are different from main stream American culture. The Amish believe in simple lifestyles and being “separate from the world,” this is hallmark for the Amish. They don’t use …

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Movie Review: In the Womb

Experience the life before birth, The formation, a step by step in a film that have not been seen like him. In the womb, was produced for National Geographic Channel . Its includes features in advanced technology, simulations that have been generated by ultrasound photography …

AnatomyBrainChildbirthGeneticsMovie ReviewPregnancy
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P1- Health and Social Care Life Stages

The Life Stages: 0-3 years is Tommy 4-9 years is Amy 10-18 years is Abbey 19-65 years is Denise/Jack 65+ years is Pat The human life span is set in age stages; these are called Life Stages. The stages are listed from 0-3 years to …

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Female Genital Mutilation Narrative Essay

Jacob Rand FGM Paper 1 October 2, 2012 Dr. Collins Arizona State University Female genital mutilation (FGM) is to this day a current issue in many societies and cultures. The World Health Organization (WHO) defines female genital mutilation as “all procedures that involve partial or …

ChildbirthHealthPublic Health
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Work in partnership

Work in partnership in health and social care or children and young peoples settings. Explain the Importance of partnership working with: Colleagues Other professionals Others Working in partnership with other colleagues and professionals is detrimental in being able to provide a service fit for need …

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Placenta Previa

Placenta Previa High Risk Pregnancy Placenta previa occurs when an embryo implants itself in the lower uterus and the developing placenta thereby implants low in the uterus and covers the internal cervical os. The previa can be complete, which involves the placenta covering the internal …

BirthChildbirthEssay ExamplesMotherhoodPregnancy
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Healthcare Difference Between Us and India

Health Care in the United States is described as the “cottage industry” it has been fragmented at the national, state, community and practice levels. There is not one single entity or set of policies guiding the health care system; Furthermore, this fragile primary care system …

AccountabilityChildbirthHealth CareMedicaidMedicine
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Maternal Mortality in Somalia

II. Global Public Health Issue Somalia is a country that has suffered from many issues since the collapse of any sort of centralized government. The Somali people have suffered from countless diseases, poverty, conflict, environmental disasters, and constant displacement. For almost an entire generation the …

ChildbirthEssay ExamplesMotherPovertyPregnancy
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Identify and outline the opportunities of current government

The essay briefly focuses on the delivery of the Healthy Child Programme age 0-19 (HCP DOH 2009) and the “Giving all children a healthy start” policy by the Department ot Health 2013 (DOH 2013). The government brought the Healthy Child Programme 0-19 years old, out …

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Medicalization of Childbirth

1. BACKGROUND In the 1700s, Barber-surgeons, predecessors of the obstetricians belonged to a low social standing, similar to that of carpenters and shoemakers, members of the arts and trade guild. In an attempt to create social mobility and improve social status, barber-surgeons saw the opportunity …

Words 2538
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Childbirth, also known as labour or delivery, is the ending of pregnancy where one or more babies leaves the uterus by passing through the vagina or by Caesarean section. In 2015, there were about 135 million births globally.

Other names: Labour and delivery, labor and d.

Prevention: Birth control, elective abortion

Causes: Pregnancy

Types: Vaginal delivery, C-section

Other names: Labour and delivery, labor and delivery, partus, giving birth, parturition, birth, confinement


Second stage

The second stage of labor is when your baby moves through the birth canal. The second stage of labor begins when the cervix is completely dilated (open), and ends with the birth of your baby. Contractions push the baby down the birth canal, and you may feel intense pressure, similar to an urge to have a bowel movement.



The cervix must be 100 percent effaced and 10 centimeters dilated before a vaginal delivery. The first stage of labor and birth occurs when you begin to feel regular contractions, which cause the cervix to open (dilate) and soften, shorten and thin (effacement). This allows the baby to move into the birth canal.


Positive feedback

The release of oxytocin from the posterior pituitary gland during labor is an example of positive feedback mechanism. Oxytocin stimulates the muscle contractions that push the baby through the birth canal. The release of oxytocin result in stronger or augmented contractions during labor.

Frequently asked questions

How do you explain childbirth?
The process of childbirth is the process whereby an infant is born. It involves three main stages: labor, delivery, and the postpartum period.The first stage of labor is characterized by contractions of the uterus, which serve to open the cervix. The second stage of labor is the delivery of the baby, which is typically done through vaginal birth. The third and final stage of labor is the postpartum period, which is the time period immediately following the delivery of the baby.
Why is giving birth so important?
The act of giving birth is one of the most important things a woman can do. It is a natural process that allows new life to enter the world. For many women, it is also a profound and life-changing event.Giving birth is an experience that can be both physically and emotionally demanding. It is a time when a woman's body undergoes immense changes, and she must trust her own instincts and abilities to bring new life into the world. The process of giving birth is also a powerful reminder of the strength and resilience of the human body.Giving birth is an important event for both the mother and the child. It marks the beginning of a new life, and it is a time of great joy and celebration.
How does a woman feel when giving birth?
When a woman is giving birth, she may feel a range of emotions, from elation and excitement to fear and uncertainty. The physical sensations of childbirth can also be intense, from the initial contractions to the pushing and delivery. For some women, giving birth is an empowering and positive experience. For others, it can be a difficult and challenging ordeal.
How do you write a birth story?
Typically, a birth story will describe the circumstances leading up to the birth, the labor and delivery process, and the baby's first few hours or days of life. It's often written from the perspective of the mother, but it can also be told from the perspective of the father, a grandparent, or even the baby.Some birth stories are funny, others are emotional, and still others are simply a matter-of-fact account of what happened. But all birth stories have the potential to be beautiful and powerful narratives that capture a moment in time that will never be repeated.

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