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Interesting Moments Related to the Birthday Party

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Motivation is what drives people to do the things they do. The motivation can be healthy or harmful and it will impact the action. In “The Street of The Canon” the setting takes place in a Mexican birthday party which a man with a box from another town. Crashes the celebration with people not knowing who he truly is and dance with the birthday girl. Then people start to suspect the box and quickly identify who the man is. Right before he leaves he tells the girl to marry him on a Sunday then vanishes. In the story “A Problem” a young lad named Sasha who lost everything when he was a kid about then taken by his uncles. Sasha’s uncles have to save their family name and pay any debt that Sasha owns or sending Sasha to work. In the end, Sasha realizes his action is that of a criminal. Characters that have the same conflict, have a different motivation for their actions.

In “The Street of The Canon” a man that is from a different town crashes a birthday party form an enemy town. Later we know the man is Pepe Gonzalez the leader of his town. “They attempt to steal the bones of Don Romolo Balderas”(44). The birthday girl just told Pepe that some attempt and successfully stole the bones of Don Romolo Balders not knowing that one of the thieves is the man she is dancing if. The motivation for Pepe’s action is that he wants to put the bones where they belong.

In “ A Problem” a young lad Sasha is in horrifying problem which he is placed into debt for trying to forging an IOU. So he can get money off of IOU but backfired. Now his uncles has to pay for debt. However Sasha keeps “borrowing” that he keeps saying that he will pay for it back, but never does which adds more money to his debt that Sasha’s uncles are already paying. “Now I see that I am a criminal; yes, I am a criminal”(74). This was said by Sasha at the end of the story when he finally realize his sin. The motivation for Sasha's action is that he was just too lazy to take care of his own conflicts.

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Both Sasha and Pepe have a different motivation for the action but still having a similar conflict. The similarly that both characters show is that they were thieving for a reason. Mostly stealing from another person or places with a fear of getting caught. The difference motive for the characters is that Pepe stole because he thought that the bones of Don Rome belong to them since he was born in Pepe’s hometown. However, Shash motives are that he just wants money for his personal gain and does not consider his action will have consequences. “But naturally. He has a talent”(45). Unlike Sasha, Pepe Has a talent for thieving and was completey aware about the consequences of his actions as seen in quote.

Characters that have the same conflict, will have a different motivation for their action. Has seen explained with two characters with a similar conflict, but opposite motivations. Pepe’s actual motivation was to do the best for his town. Sasha’s actual motivation for his action was he just wants to get what he wants it for personal gain and not have to work for it. Some motivation is good and bad, also the motivation can affect the action of a person. Some motivation is for yourself or another person.

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