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The concept of media is around in the world since the start of time you can say. When the concept of delivering news of a certain place or event to some other place or event occurred, the concept of media originated. Since the first person who brought a news of a far distant land to his people, the concept of media has evolved a lot.

If we look back, in the era of kingdoms and sultanates, media houses were those community spaces where a special appointed man by the king himself would come and announced what king had to say to his people and what generally happened in all day long in the upper management of the kingdom. It was this method through which people used to get know about their leaders and rulers and their policy making for their betterment of the people.

But after the second world war, as everything in the world has taken a rapid change and everything has gotten towards an impurity and modernism including journalism, architecture, culture and whatnot. Media houses and media has also taken a shawl of impurity and corruption has taken over. Its not like that everything was pure before it but a special increase can be seen after the world war.

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Media houses are not playing a neutral role like they should be and have been sources of a lot chaos and unrest in the world including intercountry and intra-country levels. Especially media houses like channels and newspapers owned by private authorities work on the demands of their financial source providers. Such channels and newspapers have also been the reason of chaotic situations and even wars between countries.

Today we shall be discussing such images by photojournalists who became a reason of unrest and were controversial.

The Combat Photo

Since its independence in 1990, Ukraine has been on a rough patch with Russia. Both the countries do not go along well but especially from the time of February 2014, both the countries are in a state of war. It was after the Euromaiden protests and the fall of the Ukranian president Viktor Yanukovych that the Russian army took control of the strategic positions of territory of Crimea.

The above given photo is said to be a shot from the same war taken by the photo journalist Dmytro Muravskiy. It is said to be the greatest war photo ever taken in the history- or a fake.

“I’ve shot seven wars and I do not believe that picture,” Efrem Lukatsky, a Kyiv-based Associated Press photographer who signed the letter, told RFE/RL.

The photograph shows two Ukranian soldiers are running and taking their fellow ukranian soldier who is injured towards a medical camp and a bomb blast can be seen in the background while a baby walker is present along on the left side of the picture.

Many photojournalists believe it’s a fake photograph and this whole scenario is rather framed. But a true verdict is not been confirmed because all the allegations has been denied by the photographer.

The Falling Soldier

This photograph goes by the full name of Loyalist Militiaman at the Moment of Death, Cerro Muriano, September 5, 1936. This photograph is taken by a photographer named Robert Capa. Robert Capa was a Hungarian war photographer who had the honour of working with the photographer Gerda Taro.

The picture depicts falling of a soldier right after he has been shot. The strong grip of his hand is loosing and the gun in it is falling off as his body is leaving the control of his brain. The picture is also depicting last breathes of a soldier before engulfing himself in the honour of martyrdom.

Robert Capa claimed that this picture was taken on 5th September 1936 in the battle of Cerro Muriano in the Spanish civil war and depicts the death of a Republican Iberian Federation of Libertarian Youth (FIJL) soldier. The soldier in the photograph was later claimed to be the ‘anarchist’ militiaman ‘Federico Borrell García’.

The Spanish Civil War, or in Spanish Guerra Civil Española took place from 1936 to 1939. Republicans loyal to the left-leaning Second Spanish Republic, in alliance with the Anarchists and Communists, fought against the Nationalists, a Falangist, Carlist, Catholic, and largely aristocratic group led by General Francisco Franco. The war was known as a struggle between democracy and fascism, particularly due to the international political climate. The Nationalists won the war in early 1939 and ruled Spain until Franco's death in November 1975.

The Dying Burglar’s Last Call

The picture is taken in Boer war. Boer war or second Boer war was fought between 1899 and 1902 between Great Britain and two Boer states, South African state and Orange Free State. The war was eventually was won by the Great Britain which laid the foundations of Africa being Colonized by the British just like our land.

This picture that was taken in 1900 in which it depicts that a soldier is taking his last breathe and trying to blow a bugler while being saved by his fellow soldier is copyrighted by underwood &underwood brothers who were once the biggest photography company of NYC.

Coming back to the picture, many believe it was a fake because who in their right minds would waste their last breath on blowing a burglar, so the whole frame is a set up just to increase the morale of the soldiers at that time. Another reason that proves this theory is the fact that the soldier was saved and queen Elizabeth visited him in the medical camp and awarded him a new bugler.

Another fact that proves this picture wrong is the fact that Methuen only lost 17 men that day at Gras Pan and none of them was a bugler.

The Photo of the Month

The image shows a bomb blasting in the middle of the city and the place looks like a market. The bomb shows an indication of some suicide as civilians can also be seen running. The architecture depicts the place exists somewhere in middle east like Syria or Yemen.

The picture also made it to the “photo of the month” in the Reuter’s but unfortunately it was a scam. The picture was taken from a film shoot and if you look closely then you can observe some mattresses and cushions as well in the right of the picture for the safe landing of the stuntman.

The World War One

The picture above depicts a chemical attack happened in the Poland during the time on World War One but is actually just a BTS picture of some extgra actors from a movie of Charlie Chaplin.

Petersburg, Virginia

This picture is named as Petersburg, Virginia; view in rear of Dunlop’s house, Boiling Brook Street. The photograph was taken by photographer Roche and depicts the atrocities of American

Civil War. But rumour has it that the image is a fake and the soldier in the front playing dead is actually Roche’s assistant and the man in civilian clothes playing dead can be seen in the Roche’s photographs all alive two days later.

A Girl Crying Amongst Corpses

In this era of social media, a lot is being done through it as well. We have seen the artificial unrest of Britain to make itself quit from EU had social media a strong hand behind it. Similarly, it has been playing a strong role in the modern war-fares and fake propergandas.

Here, a picture of a girl can be seen walking through a road way which is being lined by the dead bodies of her family. The girl is being running due to fear and anger. It is showing the atrocities of Aleppo, Syria. The image was shared by slman210 on twitter and it got viewed by thousands of people.

The image is not from Hollywood, but it is from a video of a Labenese singer Hiba Tawaji which was released in 2014. The song was name “al- Rabih al-arabi.”

The song got more views than ever after the picture got viral as depicting the atrocities in Aleppo.

The Dead Boy

The picture depicts the flood that brought hoax to Vietnam in the time of its war with America. The picture was also nominated for Pulitzer Prize.

But actually, the picture is taken from Vietnam war. The picture depicts that a farmer is carrying the body of his dead son when the Vietnamese army has come to rescue him.

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