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Philosophy on Teaching and Learning

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Learning is described as the acquisition of new knowledge which eventually leads to a change in behaviour while teaching is regarded as the transference of knowledge...... As a teacher, my main responsibility in the classroom is to facilitate and provide guided my students learning. Learning is the acquiring new knowledge which will lead to behaviour change. On the other hand, teaching is transference knowledge in a manner that caters to individual learning styles, in a capable manner.

In so doing, I serve as a guide and facilitator. I allow students explore and develop their own learning experience. Every child is a gift from God and is to be treated as such. I ensure that they treated fairly and given equal opportunities. These I do by ensuring that proper resources are readily available in an environment of love and care, so that grow and mature spiritually, intellectually, emotionally, socially and physically, thus fostering holistic development.

Through dedication and commitment to the teaching/learning process, I plan my lessons creatively and meaningfully so as to generate students’ interest as well as to foster intrinsic motivation. This is done through the use of technology, research and active discussions which enhance their critical thinking. I also engage them in cooperate learning strategies so that their social skills are developed.

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To ensure that my objectives are met, I evaluate each lesson and do the necessary adjustments and do assessments at regular intervals. These assessments are done by giving monthly tests, journal entries and class discussions. As an educator, I avail myself totally to the teaching/learning process. In so doing, I equip myself with the required skills and knowledge by attending professional development workshops and pursuing a degree programme.

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