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Reflective Assignment About a Personal Teaching Philosophy

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Every pedagogue should possess his or her ain alone set of learning doctrine which suits the ever-changing demands and demands of instruction in today 's society. Exploring and developing the beliefs of learning drama an of import function in lending to the success of an pedagogue in the instruction profession. This learning doctrine has been shaped by my personal experience when functioning my alma mater as a alleviation instructor. It will function as a model for my boarding to the profession of instruction with the purpose of success in learning.

My Concept of Learning

`` Which came foremost, the poulet or the egg? '' If my pupil were to inquire me this inquiry, I would likely smile at him and answer, `` Why do n't you happen out and state me? '' My extreme belief about acquisition is that it is non merely merely a `` procedure of geting cognition or accomplishments '' ( `` '' , 2010 ) but besides a journey of find where sometimes the journey of find is more of import than the find itself. This construct of acquisition can be illustrated by [ The ] Constructivist Learning Theory ( `` Teaching with the Constructivist Learning Theory '' , 2010 ) which states that pupils learn best when they generate their ain cognition alternatively of holding person to bring forth for them. Learning would non be meaningful if everything is traveling to be spoon-fed to the pupil. I believe that merely by larning through errors or experiences, it would do the pupil retrieve what went incorrect during the procedure and that they would non reiterate the error once more. This is why this construct has been embraced for effectual acquisition ( Oon Seng Tan, 2011, p. 476 ) .

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The Learner and his functions

In the class of acquisition, the pupils should `` larn to be responsible for their ain actions '' and be able to `` take pride in their work '' ( Urrutia, 2010 ) . My ends for my pupils is non merely about accomplishing good classs in the facet of faculty members, but besides to learn them the important accomplishments of endurance when they enter into the `` existent universe '' outside the schoolroom. This is likely why we have our really ain NIE jersey that says `` We develop all other professions! ''

The Learning Environment

Hiking the assurance and developing good communicating accomplishments in each person is one of the of import facets in fixing our pupils for the existent universe. This can be achieved by `` making a supportive schoolroom environment '' ( McCutcheon, 2006, p. 30 ) where it is non-threatening but fun-filled. Students shall be given adequate chances to talk up and portion their experiences. Based on my past experience, one of the `` house regulations '' I imposed within my schoolroom was to do all my pupils applaud and cheer enthusiastically after any signifier of unwritten presentation ; be it a short transition reading or traveling up on phase to execute. The construct of this method is to give the take parting pupil a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction and that it would easy alter them to go more confident as a individual. Simple encouragement words or congratulationss like `` Well done! You 've done us proud! '' should non be neglected in the class of constructing their assurance. After fiting with the assurance to talk up in category, the pupils would so be able to associate and pass on more with me, therefore larning through this type of environment would be much more meaningful and effectual.

The instructor and his functions

The different functions of instructor are excessively many to advert. In my position, one of the most of import functions of a instructor is to guarantee that what is being taught has been understood by the pupils. In order to recognize that, I should invariably develop new competences in order to maintain up with the society 's altering outlooks by being every bit resourceful as possible. Possessing a willing-to-learn attitude, I should invariably update myself with the latest engineering by subscribing up for IT-courses, acquiring myself in touch with information, tendencies and planetary issues that are most up-to-date through activities like go toing educational negotiations or even take parting in forums. Bing unfastened to other suggestions and advices from co-workers besides help to better on my instruction schemes. With the expanded cognition and updated accomplishments, successful instruction can farther be achieved when I guarantee that every lesson has been prepared adequately to demo my professionalism. Bing a resourceful instructor would assist me derive the regard from my pupils. On top of that, I should take to construct a good resonance with my pupils. This could be done through simple Acts of the Apostless like holding a repast with them during deferral clip, or even holding a hoops game with them after category. By tie ining myself more with the pupils, it can assist me derive their trust for me and that they would handle me as person more than merely their instructor.

In the instruction profession, there are many more constructs and theories out at that place that would help me in my instruction. However, the theories of Constructivism and Professionalism can be found within the basicss of my instruction doctrine. Reflections shall be done after every lesson to guarantee that I have adopted and use the suited theories for my category. As I enter into the instruction profession, it is of import that new beliefs of learning be explored in order for me to accomplish success in learning. I believe the foundations should be able to steer me throughout the journey of learning profession and it shall help me in my growing as an pedagogue personally and professionally. Last, it is besides of import for our learning doctrine to do conform to the values of Ministry of Education in order to accomplish the desire outcomes in pupils.

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