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Philippines Mdg

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Chapter 1: In pursuit of inclusive growth [Inclusive growth] is sustained growth that creates jobs, draws the majority into the economic and social mainstream, and continuously reduces mass poverty. Growth in short was not inclusive owing to the basic disregard of the people s will and failure to render full and complete justice for all ... hence the MDG of universal primary education is consistent with inclusive growth.

Chapter 3: Competitive Industry and Services Sector

The government will [therefore]:

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Philippines Mdg

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  1. maintain and safeguard economic security in multilateral, regional, and bilateral economic engagements;
  2. maintain and safeguard national and economic security through strategic partnerships within the Asian region to ensure that Philippine foreign policy decisions are taken in the context of Asian Regionalism and Asian Community;
  3. continuously evaluate multilateralism and the stability of international organizations;
  4. work to attain the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) targets by 2015 and reduce poverty through intensified international cooperation.

Chapter 4: Competitive and Sustainable Agriculture and Fisheries Sector The sector s (agriculture and fisheries) development is therefore vital in achieving inclusive growth and poverty reduction as well as attaining the targets under the MDGs.

Chapter 7: Good Governance and Rule of Law Corruption and lack of transparency are major constraints to the achievement of the MDGs. To say that corruption and poor governance abet and worsen poverty is no exaggeration. Kung Walang Corrupt, Walang mahirap.

Chapter 8: Social Development. The social development sector shall focus on ensuring an enabling policy environment for inclusive growth, poverty reduction, the convergence of service delivery, maximized synergies, and active multi-stakeholder participation.

Priority strategies include:

  • (a) attaining the MDGs;
  • (b) providing direct conditional cash transfers (CCT) to the poor;
  • (c) achieving universal coverage in health and basic education;
  • (d) adopting the community-driven development (CDD) approach;
  • (e) converging social protection programs for priority beneficiaries and target areas...

Health The National

Health Insurance Program (NHIP) shall be strengthened as the prime mover in improving financial risk protection, generating resources to modernize and sustain health facilities, improving the provision of health services to achieve the MDGs, and reducing the risks of lifestyle-related illnesses Social Protection Direct CCTs to the poor through the Pantawid Pamilya Pilipino Program shall be the cornerstone of the government s strategy to fight poverty and attain the MDGs. Moreover, the housing sector aims to achieve the MDG of significantly improving the lives of at least 100 million slum dwellers worldwide by 2020. With the formulation of the National Slum Upgrading Strategy, a systematic focusing of programs and coordination efforts is expected to be realized. Education Accelerate the implementation of Basic Education.

Sector Reform Agenda s five key reform areas towards the attainment of the goals of EFA and the MDGs:

  • (a) school-based management (SBM);
  • (b) national learning strategies;
  • (c) quality assurance and accountability;
  • (d) complementary interventions;
  • (e) institutional culture change.

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