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Islamic Influences in the Philippines

Barter trade, equivalent exchange, and financial agreement, these words fall to the similar idea of agreeing to a set amount of items to exchange between two or more parties. A very underrated type of business, but very effective in the world of today. People see the world of business as a meaner to earn and make the most out of exchanges in order to buy more and more things for themselves, rather than the idea of getting the most out of a certain item purchased or traded.

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Barter in the Philippines had first been recognized in the lower regions such as Gambling, Zebu and Taw-Taw. The Filipinos there would encounter numerous people from around the world but most commonly would be the Chinese and the Muslims. The Muslims would often be known to be trading spices and silk to the Filipinos for fruits and rice, which became a very common trade throughout time. With this more and more Muslims even styled and taught many Filipinos the concepts Enid Trade and Commence between countries and cultures.

Barter trade was an Islamic influence towards the Filipinos as it was a very common practice within the Middle East. Spices, Silk, Fruits, and Cattle were commonly traded among travelers in order to refill their stocks or to try new items. More so, Barter was a way of life in the early civilizations due to the fact that it allowed surplus foods and items to be traded for more useful items. In modern day Taw-taw, Gambling and Zebu, barter trade practices can still be en throughout the shores and towns along the coasts.

Many countries such as the neighboring Malaysia have found these cities to be a well loved tender to all their needs for trading. Studies show how even families have relatives from both the Philippines and Malaysia due to the trade industry between relationships of the trading parties. The naturalistic relationship of the neighboring countries has brought many influences into the Philippines. Barter trade being one of the many, such as the

Islamic religion, the spices in meals and the use of silk in clothing to name a few, have been significant markers to the development of the Filipino Culture. Even as the Philippines has been colonized multiple times by Spain, Japan and the United States, it still is a known fact that the Islamic culture has made quite an indention on the culture that is of the Filipino. Reference: http://pH. News. Yahoo. Com/Islamic-culture-barter-bind-Filipinos- Malaysian-134516022. HTML