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Political The company will have to agree to follow all rules set out by the ELI, in regards to the sale of food and drinks regulations. Our company will be able to pay a low tax rate to produce the drinks in Ireland, currently the tax rate in Ireland for corporations is 2. %. We however need to concentrate on how much sugar we put in our energy drink, as all energy drinks require some kind of glucose, this is a concern at the moment, as leading doctors are calling for a sugar tax, and this could increase the cost of our product which could affect our sales. (reported by Hosted, 2014) Economic Ireland has been in a recession for several years and throughout those years we have seen a drop in consumer spending, however there is positive signs for Ireland as we have seen rises in what consumers are spending.

The unemployment rate is also creasing, and with Christmas coming up it will decrease again because of the seasonal workers getting Jobs, so it would be a good idea to launch the product in the New Year. Social Ireland is seen as a quite active nation, with triathlons and marathons becoming quite popular, many women take to the streets for the Flora mini marathon, and it is seen as the biggest event of its kind in the world, with number increasing every year.

There is also been an increase with gyms opening up, and many people taking to the fitness world, we have seen gyms such as Westwood, spend 1 million to enhance here facility and also David Lloyd has spent 4 million in the past 5 years on improving their facilities, as seen on (www. Advisedly. Ii)(www. Westwood. Ii) Technology With more people gaining access to the Internet, social network is imperative for advertising. Also research and development is very important to improve our product and for the customer to get the best out of it.

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So that is why we must continue to invest in these areas in food and nutrition. Environmental Factors With the increase of landfills, it is important they we promote clean living that is why we will clearly label our bottles, that they can be recycled. Many companies now give green bins to customers and it is free, for you to put your plastics in the green bin, PESTLE Analysis Project Copy By larcenous that way encouraging people to recycle.

We also our aware to carbon toppings, so we will utilities distribution companies that have fuel-efficient trucks and have a low carbon foot print as well. Legal We believe in what we put in our product works and is helpful, and we have advance scientist proving these results, this will be able to back up our statements that the product does give energy. As we do not want to be involved in a false advertising ease, as we are aware what happened to Red bull. We also promote a safe working environment for our employees and will follow all the health and safety legislation.

Competitor analysis Indirect, There are a few companies who produce energy drinks for sports, which we are targeting for, Located and Powered are seen as men's drink and this is often portrayed by their TV ads where you can see rugby players and men drinking their projects. While we will focus solely for women with our drink, which will be portrayed by women going for a light Jog, and having flowery and pink packaging could portray this. Direct, Our main competitor at the moment would probably be Volta Coca, which is not necessary an energy drink but more a reiteration drink, which people take after the gym.

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