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Persuasive Speech About Protecting Animals

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I am very pleased to be here to address the Animal Welfare Intergroup, and to discuss with you,in particular, the essential rights of animals. Even nowadays, in most people’s eyes, animals have no consciousness, no thoughts, and no emotions. Therefore, human regard them as an inferior species. People empower themselves to imprison the animals, to mistreat them, to eat them, and to kill them. Who gives the rights for human to do that? Human and animals have the same rights to live on Earth. So today, I should say at the outset that I, like millions of citizens in China will share the view that animal welfare is an issue of very high importance.

And I will speak on behalf of our friends, who also live in this planet—the animals. The current condition of many species of animals is very severe and the extinction rate of animals is increasing with alarming speed. According to the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN),it calculated that the percentage of endangered species as 40 percent of all organisms in 2008. Destructive human activities have led to the current rate of species extinction, which is at least 100–1,000 times higher than the expected natural rate.

Although almost every country has their own laws and there are many organizations in the world to work toward the protection of endangered species. However, the work is far from done. Many countries have relatively effective laws and policies,but there is not a good way to enforce them. Therefore, destroying of habitats, killing and trading of endangered animals, eating of wild animals and mistreat of animals are still happen in the world. Do you know how many sharks died every year because people love to eat shark fins? Do you know what is the feeling of animals to be tested by a human? Do you know the disasters of eating wild animals.

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Let me tell you the amazing data about them. There are more than seventy million of sharks died and people only killed them for their fins. People cut fins of sharks and put them back to sea. The shark can not live without their fins and their blood flow in water, sinking to the sea flow and slowly to be died. Why people are so cruel that killed sharks and only satisfy for their taste. The medical developed very fast in recently years and animals make a great contribution for medical researches. Do animals want to contribute to human medical development?Absolutely not.

And why people force them and test them. Do you remember the SARS happened all over the world in 2004?A great number of people died because infected with this disease and the first one to get this disease because he ate one kind of wild animals. What can we so for animals?We can contribute to nature reserves and other wilderness areas. Habitat preservation is one of the best ways to help protect endangered animals. And we also need to buy environmentally friendly goods. Choose non-toxic cleaners and lawn care items that won't pollute streams, rivers or oceans.

Avoid any products that have been made from threatened or endangered animals. Buy foods and goods that are made from materials that do not harm endangered animals or their habitat. As you can see from this speech today, the suffering has not ended. Endless thousands of poultry. I'm sorry. That's really just kind of starting to distract me. And I got the shoe and the music going, and I couldn't concentrate there for a second. Okay. Outrageous cases of animal abuse that's just been a portion of what you've heard about today.

I hope that you can see from the speech today how essential it is for the thousands and thousands and thousands of animals who are suffering endlessly, that action be taken. Boiling alive. Humane? I don't think so. Being kicked and stomped and thrown against the wall repeatedly until you are dead. Humane? I don't think so. It is essential that we take action to enforce animal slaughter rules and rites and regulations. Something has to be done for this billion-dollar industry will continue to go on and on without recourse. Please let's make a difference.

Persuasive Speech About Protecting Animals essay

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