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Strategic Management Process of Leasing Industries in Bangladesh

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It is our pleasure to submit this term paper on " Strategic Management process of Leasing Industries in Bangladesh" , with special emphasis on IDLC(Industrial Development Leasing Company), which you assigned to us as a part of Management course requirement. The report focuses on the growth potential of the leasing industry in Bangladesh. It emphasizes on the Strategies used by these companies to survive in the market, and this report highlights the problems and prospects of leasing sector in Bangladesh, IDLC in particular.

The leasing industry is the relatively new in Bangladesh and this report seeks to emphasis on the current market position of the leasing industries and the STRATEGIES used by these leasing industries IDLC, in particular. This report emphasis the future potential of the leasing industries the competition faced by these industries in the market and many other important factors. The main strong point of this report is the collection of the most current data associated with the companies.

Special emphasis is given on the Corporate level Strategic frame work followed by these industries, and their future plans of growth (IDLC) in particular. Introduction The leasing sector is relatively new in Bangladesh with two large listed companies operating most of the leasing business in the country - Industrial Development Leasing Co. (IDLC) and United Leasing Company (UCL). Both companies were setup in the late 1980s assisted by foreign development finance institutions such as IFC, CDC, and ADB.

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Another six new companies started business in the late 1990s assisted by local funds. There are no specific regulations for leasing companies, although they come under the Bangladesh Bank's domain under the non-banking Financial Act. Among the financial sectors, leasing plays a pivoted role in economic development of a country. It allows lessee to use assets without ownership. This sector could be able to avoid default culture and provide employment opportunity to talent university graduates and thereby improves the macro economic situation of a country.

While default culture captured the entire financial sector, leasing sector is escaping the situation. Our endeavor is to focus on the strategies of these leasing companies, in the market. There are two popular approaches under the corporate level strategic frame work , they are the grand strategies framework and the corporate portfolio matrix, our emphasis on this report is the Corporate Portfolio Matrix which is also called the BCG model( Boston Consultant Group). Corporate Portfolio Matrix

One of the most popular approaches to corporate-level strategy has been the corporate portfolio matrix or the BCG model. Developed by the Boston Consultant Group in the early 1970's, this approach introduced the idea that each of an organizations SBU's should be evaluated and plotted on a 2X2 matrix to identify which one offered high potential and which were a drain the organizations resources. The horizontal axis represents the market share and the vertical axis represents the anticipated market growth. Cash cows (low growth, high market share).

Products in this category generate large amounts of cash, but their prospects for future growth is limited. Stars (high growth, high market share). These products are in a fast growing market and hold a dominant share of the market but might or might not produce positive cash flow, depending on the need for investment in new plants and equipment or product development. Question Mark (high growth, low market Share). These are speculative products that entail high risk. They may be profitable but they hold a small percentage of the market share. Dogs (low growth, low market share).

This category does not produce much cash nor does it require much. These products hold no promises for improved performance. Due to the different nature of the leasing industry it is difficult to position the company (IDLC) into the portfolio matrix, we must first understand the firms current market share and market growth, although IDLC has a high rate of anticipated market growth, which can be determined by the graph. But this alone is not enough to determine the position of the IDLC in the BCG matrix, many other factors need to be taken into account like.

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