Personal Selling Process

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Personal selling involves a sales person persuading prospective buyers of a commodity or service to purchase it and is paid by the owner of the commodity from the sales they make. There are seven steps involved. The seven steps can be applied in the selling of hair beauty product. In that case the steps would be as follows. Prospecting is the first step where one should identify potential clients from such sources as databases or records. In the case of hair beauty products one can judge by assessing the number of people who use the products in the day to day life.

One can then take information on specific trends of hair product sales by going to related beauty parlors, websites etc. Pre-approach is the second step. In this step the professional sales person makes strategies on how to go about the process. All the information available on existing brands of hair products is analyzed so as to make a sales presentation plan. This enables one to understand the prospective buyers and to access the likelihood of making impact with the strategy. Approach is the third step.

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In this step the sales person meets the prospect and learns from them about their needs, for instance, needs of hair products. The sales person establishes a good relation with the prospect in this step. The presentation and demonstration of the product follows. This is whereby the sales person makes a customized presentation about the product based on the prior information gathered. In the case of hair products brochures showing the hair products used on people may be produced to the prospect.

The needs of the prospect must be put first during the presentation and anything he needs to know must be addressed well. Overcoming objections that the prospect has is a major task for the sales person. The prospect will usually have objections to the presented information and it is the duty of the sales person to overcome the objections. When marketing hair products the sales person should make the prospect hear more about why they should choose the product from others in the market.

Closing a sale is the step whereby the sales person inquires from the prospect about the specific product they would want and also on the time they would like to get the product. In this step the sales person may face final objections that should be overcome. Following up is the step that the sales person must take in order to establish long term relation with the customers. This step allows one to establish the satisfaction of the customer. In the case of hair products one may have to go to the beauty parlors and establish whether the products are effectively put in use.

Answering questions about the use of the product may still happen in this stage. More orders of the product may result from making diligent follow ups. Of all the steps of personal selling, overcoming objections is the most difficult stage. This step is more exacting than the others as one is needed make a justification of the product whereby the prospect may have a brand that they already take to be the best. Overcoming the formed bias against the product one is marketing needs lots of knowledge about the market and products available.

This is a daunting task. Overcoming objections is however the most critical step in personal selling. This is because majority of prospective customers necessarily have objections to new products so as to learn about them. For the hair products sales strategy the sales force should be based on the customer. This is because of different preferences of customers when it comes to beauty products. Works Cited Dolak, Dave. Personal Selling, 1999-2008. 17th Jan. 2009. <http://www. davedolak. com/psell. htm>

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