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People Should Be Imprisoned for Abandoning Their Pets

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I am going to talk on why people should go to jail when they abandon their pets, because people do not know what happens with their pets in the streets, how much they suffer or maybe people know it but they don't do anything in order to solve this problem, the law should implement a punishment for those people and a solution for those animals.

Why do people buy pets? Sometimes, people buy pets (mostly dogs and cats) because they think that these animals are like toys and their children "play" with them for a few days and later, they don't give the importance that pet's needs. Then when pets grow-up, people abandon them in the streets and they don't want to be responsible for them. There are some other factors about reasons why people should go to jail when they abandon their pets.

When people abandon their pets, these animals suffer so much in different ways. Animals around the world are being abandon, according to Amigos Pro Animals, A.C. (2009) approximately 10,000 animals each year are abandon because these pets are "old", "a burden" or "not useful". The pets need a home and love. When pets are abandoned, they always feel sad and lonely. I believe it's similar to animal abuse. It's sad to think that so many animals get abandoned and forgotten in the streets and I think that is just that people should go to jail because abandoning pets is another form of animal cruelty and because in the streets the animals can be trampled and they can generate an accident.

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Animals are just like people; animals need a good place to live where they feel safe and wanted. Animals cruelty is a serious problem that still takes place around the world, if you have a pets it's your responsibility to give them love and a home; you have to feed them, take care of them and to give them what they need. Owners should be held responsible and punished for such an offense because I believe it is similar to animal abuse. These animals are domestics and are accustomed to having a caretaker.

For these reasons, I agree that people who abandon their pets should go to jail. I think it depends of the damage of the animal has. There should be a law in order to apply a punishment and solutions for all pet's sake. Animals love people so you should love them. An animal could be a friend, a best friend or maybe just a companion in life. Remember you are teaching your children lesson later on in life it could be your turn. Don't shop, adopt.

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