Peace Like a River

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You are the God who performs miracles; you display your power among the peoples. ' This is verse 14 from Psalm 77 in the Bible. This verse shows that God is constantly working in people's lives. It also shows us that He wants their faith to grow in Him. The miracles of Reuben continuing to live in spite of hardship, Jeremiah walking on air, and Jeremiah surrendering his life for Reuben are Important In the novel because they help him build his relationship with God. The first miracle Reuben witnesses is during his birth.

After not breathing for twelve minutes, his father revives him. This miracle is significant for Reuben because he realizes that God is capable of doing anything. Also, He has something planned for Reuben because he lived and did not die. The miracle of Reuben's birth starts off with an understanding of how God works in mysterious ways. The second miracle Reuben witnesses is when he sees his father actually walk on the air. While he was walking, he was deep in prayer. This is Important because Reuben sees his father "walk on the hand of God". This miracle shows Reuben that with God, all things are possible.

It also pulls him Into a relationship with God. The third and final miracle that Reuben witnesses is the death of his father in a valiant effort to save his life. The miracle is important because Reuben realizes how blessed he is to have a humble, self- sacrificing father who loves him and would do anything for his children. Jeremiah's death symbolizes Christ's death on the cross for us. His love for Reuben represents Jesus' love for everyone. This miracle shows Reuben that even through tragedy; God will always be there and will never leave nor forsake him.

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Thus, allowing him to grow a close relationship with the Lord. ultimately, miracles are only miracles If they are witnessed. Reuben, the witness, develops an Inseparable relationship with God through the miracles of his birth, his father walking on air, and his father sacrificing his life for him. Reuben knows that God is always with him because of the many hardships he has been through. This contributes to the meaning of Peace Like a River which Is: there Is more to life than the bad things. Life Is about witnessing to the good things that are more important than the bad things.

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