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To improve the quality of employees and productivity at all levels of organization staffing has a strategic importance. A properly designed staffing process helps the organization to take appropriate steps in hiring the employees. Human resources are the main and the most crucial resource of the company. Organizations success and failure depends on the performance of employees. Therefore hiring right candidate for right job is the key to the success.

The result of hiring and staffing does not come immediately it takes time, if results are not achieved then this indicates that something wrong is with the staffing plan. A successful staffing system consists of following five important steps:

1. Making a picture of candidate ideal for the position

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Organizations success

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2. Developing a framework of qualified candidates.

3. Screening the applicants

4. Interviewing the applicants

5. Making the hiring decision


The objective of this staffing plan is to rationalize the recruitment and staffing process and to hire right candidate for the right job in minimum time.

And also to follow Equal employment opportunity laws requires managers and HR department to provide applicants an equal opportunity for employment without any discrimination in race, sex, disability, pregnancy , or age (Werther & Davis 1996). Staffing process Need of staffing develops when there is there is an empty post needed to be filled. Following is the staffing plan for our organization. The following plan will ensure that right candidate is appointed for the right job.

1. Analyzing the qualities of the candidates needed for the job opening

This is the first step in which list of qualities of incumbents are analyzed according to the job requirement. This job description will give a clear picture of ideal candidate. This is the most critical step. The job profiles should be measureable and objective and should be updated constantly according to the growth of the organization (community of human resource management n. d. )

2. Creating pool candidates This step involves finding qualified candidate for the opening. In this step company seek out for potential qualified candidates.

In order to attract potential candidates company should set a positive image about it self in the market because a positive image goes long way in finding potential candidates. There are various sources to recruitments depending on the immediacy of the post. If the opening is needed to be filled immediately then the recruiters must go for employee referrals. Other sources include advertising for available positions. Advertisement must show the clear description of job. Direct contact with the potential candidate can put in touch with qualified employees (Community of human resource management n. d. ).

3. Screening of candidates This is a very important process in this step. An effective screening process is very necessary because it ensures that the applicants who are called for the interviews are suitable for the job. On the other hand it will help in the spending money on the wrong candidate. Resumes must be read effectively to identify the achievements that link up with the job requirements. Read about components of staffing

4. Interviewing the candidates Time must be spend before each interview.

Preparations must include reading the resume, checking for references, preparing notes and questions. Make list of questions in order to know more about employees past performances. Job analyst must spend time in the department where opening exist, observing and talking with the supervisor their viewpoint of the scope of work involved. Interview process must also include dialogs related to the salary and benefits.

5. Making hiring decision The hiring decision becomes easy if there is an effective staffing process. Evaluate every candidate according to the job profile.

Call for the final meeting to discuss about the duties and responsibilities, date of joining, working conditions, salary, benefits, additional perks and no compete agreements (community of human resource management n. d. ). Advertisement should be placed in Dawn and Jang. On our company`s website. C. V`s shall be collected by post and via internet. Data of all the application received will be maintained by the HR department. First a panel interview will be conducted by HR representatives. After that each candidate selected by H. R representative should be interviewed by their respective department heads.

All the applicants will be short list according to the criteria of the job by HRD. After conducting interviews prepare merit list of the candidate selected in the interview process by all the head of the departments. Short listed candidates will be call for final meeting to discuss about the salary and other agreements. All the recruitment process shall be completed within four months from the date of advertisement. After joining orientation will be organized for the new employees in which they`ll be given guidelines and instructions about the working conditions and the policies of the company.

As the staff members are brought to the project they will be located in project office and will report to the chief project officer. Chief operating officer will be responsible for using the funding recourses, accounting, finance, and auditing and risk management. He will also be responsible for the media and community relations. Chief project officer will be responsible for the design and construction management making sure that the project scope working in accordance with the safety, quality and cost control requirements.

The engineers, quality control managers, safety control managers will directly report to chief project officers. The chief operating officers and chief project officers will make quarterly report and will present it to the chief executive officer. Training will be given to the staff members to perform work in a better way and to work in a safe environment. If any calamity takes place then the company will be responsible for the expense. The company will treat all the employees equal and will be responsible for their health safety. Below is the proposed staffing plan.

Proposed staffing plan of construction authority

• Finance

• Budget and funds management

• Audit

• Payroll

• Contract & risk management

• Communications

• Human resources

• Engineering

• Construction management

• Quality assurance

• Project safety

• Environmental services

• Project control


Werther. B & Davis. K (1996) Human resources and personnel management, McGraw-hill, Inc. Community of human resource management (n. d), How do we develop a staffing plan? From http://www. chrmglobal. com/Briefcase/19/1/How-do-we-develop-a-Staffing-Plan-. html

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