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Optimistic Journey

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Our country Is not perfect nor do many of the people around you see the optimistic side in the united States of America. On the other hand we, united States citizens, have so many opportunities and should be optimistic. In my eyes people are being prepared for all the negative things that are going to occur, and do not see how incredible our nation is.

The other day we found out that our government had shut down because both parties couldn't come to an agreement to settle money situations. Most people saw this to be ridiculous and something that should not had happened. Yes this is an unfortunate obstacle our country faced but on the other hand there were many uplifting contributions people had done. For example Chris Cox went to Washington DC and gathered people to clean the memorials and how a Phoenix food bank gave lad to workers affected by Grand Canyon being closed.

Personally I'm not very Intrigued by the government, but I am optimistic about the new advancements In technology, which also leads us to new medical cures and procedures created for people living longer, which branches out with many positive advantages to be living in America. With tons of new technology being improved and invented now for the future, it creates a wanting sensation for people being interested to know the new advancement.

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Whether it's the phone c or new x-ray machinery to find a clearer look at bones, people will be optimistic for the future. By 2020 there will be over hundreds of new technologies, not to mention the United States will have a whole new tank mechanism for our soldiers fighting in war. The new technology brings on new experiences and less hardships In America, because there will be more assurance that the people are safe. Everything Is becoming more and more convenient for our everyday life styles and how Is that not exciting.

Our countries opportunities for new technology are extraordinary, and so are our medical advancements and improvements. With new technologies brings on new medical advantages. "Humans by 2050 will have a life expectancy of 89-94 years old compared to the life expectancy now which is 83-85 years old. " (Cox). Who doesn't want to live longer! I surely do. There is other evidence that medical technology will be created because day by day doctors and scientist are experimenting to have cures for some types of cancer.

By 2018 there possibly will be a cure to prostate cancer. Today 29,720 men die a year from this devastating disease, which is very unfortunate. Possibly In the future your son, father, or grandpa will be able to survive from such a awful disease that changes people's lives, because there will be a treatment to cure his cancer. Death is scary and we try to safe people's lives every day and that Is the reason to be optimistic about our future because people will be able to live longer with new medical advancements our every day lives.

Not only do the hundreds of advancements help Just the United States but it gives us the opportunities for third world countries to have some of the fortunate advantages that we take for granite. For instance an estimated 1,000 children in India die every day due to disease caused by polluted water but with the help of America, that number can drop extremely because of our advancements in technology and medical treatments. We should be very fortunate that we live in such a brilliant country with many unique people that bring United States of America together as a one whole.

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