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Online Dating "Are you ready to find the love of your lifer, "Experience the difference", "Someone special is already waiting for you" are all different things you might hear on an online dating commercial, but is it really as good as they say? According to a study conducted by the Washington Post and PC World not even 20% of the connections made on these websites turn into committed relationships. Conventional dating is much safer and efficient than online dating in finding someone one actually wants to be with.

Online dating may seem easier than conventional dating, but is that actually true? When diving into the world of online dating one cannot be completely sure that they are actually talking to that person. It could be someone acting as another person, or even a sex offender. Over 10% of all online dating users are considered to be sex offenders according to Reuters. Anyone can set up an online dating account whenever they please, and that can turn out to be dangerous because one never truly knows who they are connecting with.

Conventional dating on the ther hand is usually much safer and there are multiple benefits to it that online dating doesn't have. The obvious benefit to conventional dating is that one is with that person face to face. It is very difficult to lie about height, weight, and age if the conversation is face to face, unlike online dating. According to a study most men lie about their height, weight, and income while women usually lie about their weight, physical build, and age. The odds are that your date will not be lying about their physical appearance on a face to face date.

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