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The primary stakeholders for this type of business would be major corporations that have multiple branches all over the world. An example of this would be Wal-Mart which have thousands of branches around the world and is considered the world’s largest public corporation by revenue. However, the business is not limited to large corporations as it can also serve small-scale companies in their needs. The target audience of the site will be company executives and business owners who distribute their products over a wide area.

These people, especially those who have just started with their business, might have problems with their inventory systems. This can be due to old inventory systems which they have employed. Their systems have to be upgraded and the website will be their one-stop shop for solutions about their problem. They will have access to up-to-date information about issues, solutions, and problems which they may encounter in the future. Also they can have access to newly discovered methods which they can experiment on.

The mission statement of this online business is, “here to help the over stuffed one step at a time. ” As of now, it is aimed at taking care of inventory problems and finding the best solution for business owners’ problems. However, when it becomes a successful endeavor, we plan to expand our services by incorporating other systems which will serve more people from a wider range of fields.

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Online Business

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