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With the business world expanding and venturing in the globalization, the need for the convenience of transferring from one place/ country/ state to another arises. From time to time, there comes a situation that one company has to send one or a group of representatives to the other place. Whether it was a business associate, sister company or a client company, the representative company must be able to come up an expatriation and repatriation plan. Otherwise, there could be a major effect both the performance of the chosen delegate and the image of the organization as a whole.

Before proceeding to the formulation of the expatiation and repatriation plan, the contribution, dedication and administration of the superiors in the top management level are the linchpin in order to effectively and significantly carry out the repatriation procedure. Upon deciding who among the plant manager that would be sent in the sister company in Bulgaria, there are few things that need to remember as guidelines to avoid losses due to some failure. According to the research of Booth and Spade, they quoted the work of Stroh regarding the requirements that need to be integrated in the curriculum of an expatriation plan.

There are about seven policies. The first one is to allow the chosen employees to decide whether he or she would like to acknowledge or decline being sent in the sister company in Bulgaria for about two to three years. The second one is that the development of the career of the employees was not being prevented and dissuaded as he or she accepts the particular overseas appointment. Also, ensure the employees that there is a job opportunity in his or her come back in the company after the specific period of his assignment.

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. The next strategy is that the company could take the advantage of the acquired knowledge and skill of the repatriates as they return for the progression and advancement of the organization itself. Next thing is that company should give out reasonable preview about their responsibilities and duties in the sister company in Bulgaria. Furthermore, the expatriates should be guaranteed that the far-off mission assigned to them is just a component of their professionional preparation as a whole. And lastly, to aid them in the entire process of expatriates, their organization may design a mentoring program.

(Booth. and Spade) As preparation in the plan, generally, the whole expatiation and repatriation procedure will be guided by a mentor. The mentor helps especially those inexperienced company representatives in their endeavor in the foreign country in fulfillment of the responsibility assigned to them by their company. The procedure set off previous to departure period of the employee in Bulgaria. The mentor helps out the employee for him or her to get used in the unexpected situations in the working environment where there is a diversity of cultural difference.

In addition to just being a guide, the mentor has also the responsibility to enhance the career development of the employee before, during and after the appointed assignment in this case, in the sister company in Bulgaria. Furthermore, again referring to one of the work of Stroh, having a model mentor goes along the expatriate all the way through the appointment in the distant country whether before the departure, in the course of the assignment in the host country (Bulgaria) and the arrival of the expatriates in the home country.

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