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Nissan motor company is a famous car manufacturing company that is recognized in the manufacture of Nissan type of cares. It is one of the largest car manufacturing companies in the world. Why demand and sales volume for a specific region are important when planning marketing strategies?

Cost Allocation

Marketing is a costly affair and as such its planning is quite essential. Some geographical regions demand more of the Nissan Motor cars than others. The essence of marketing is to create awareness of the existence and benefit of any commodity. Demand sales volume is therefore an important phenomenon when marketing as more costs will be allocated to geographical areas with low demand and poor sales volume. For areas when the demand and subsequent sales of the Nissan cars is considerably high, the firm need not pour lot of resources for the purpose of marketing.

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When an analysis is carried out on demand in terms of classes of customers or age, it will help the organization in knowing the marketing methodologies to apply. If the Nissan cars are mostly used by young people, then marketing will also be done by young people and be carried in a manner to capture the attention of young people. The same applies when it is found out that it is elderly people who demand the cars more oftenly. Then the marketing would have to be strategize in away to accommodate them.

Product Differentiation

Forecasting demand and sales volume provides a useful pattern of purchase by customers. When this is further stratified, it is possible to identify how the sales differed across different products. The same product’s demand might change due to product differentiation. Product packaging will then be strategized in a way to conform with what customers require more.

Forecasts on Where the Industry Will Go in the Future

For the past 20 years the sales of Nissan Motor Company have increased by about 20%. This is due to intense auto – advertising campaigns. It is believed that the company will in the near future engulf the entire global market because of the awareness caused through better improved marketing strategies. It has also been forecasted that the industry will in future be the market leaders.

Intelligent Rationale as to Why Think This Way

This is because of extensive and hi – tech marketing. It is also because of the fact that many customers would be reached. Lastly, other companies are likely to be overshadowed by the Nissan Motor Company thus leaving it as almost monopolistic firms. Forecast on how the state of industry will change over the course of the foreseeable future

Initially the company advertised its fleet of vehicles through the audio – visual media only i.e. through the radios and television. This was found not to be satisfactory and convincing on the customers. Then came the marketing through the company journals being circulated in offices and other working places for all and sundry to read and understand.

The company has also used the web where various websites portray/ give various places of information. It is forecasted that in future the company would embrace “trade – exhibitions” us its marketing strategy. This involves displaying of their cars openly for the public view. It also allows customers to physically view the vehicles and where marketers more them around the workshops answering their questions in the process.

How the Changes Came About

These marketing changes came as a result of a number of factors.  There was need to deviate from the usual marketing strategies being practiced by similar firms in the industry to more sophisticated and relevant ones. The exhibitions especially in other countries have been facilitated due to globalization and free market. Countries now allow other countries to freely market their products in their own motherland and this has enhanced marketing for the Nissan Motor Company. The domestic market is quite insufficient and cannot be therefore relied upon by any organization to improve its sales volume. The need to reach a wider market has therefore led to such an evolution of the marketing industry from just a media exercise to Mega trade exhibitions. Because of their nature, Nissan cars attract a significant demand. They are efficient in fuel consumption and durable. This makes them highly preferably compared to other makes/ types of cares. This high demand calls for extensive and global advertisement and marketing by the Nissan motor company.

Impact of the Changes on the Industry

The evolution of the marketing strategies has led to the opening branches and /or selling points for the motor company. The new marketing strategies have led to a tremendous improvement of the company’s profits though the advertising costs have also gone upwards. Other similar firms have failed to fairly compete with the motor company due to its unique strategies

Impact on Buyers

The buyers have maintained their loyalty on the Nissan cars due to the trade exhibitions which offer buyers the opportunity to physically see their products and ask questions. And because of their appreciation of their vehicles, average prices at which the buyers are willing to pay for them has also gone upwards.



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