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Hey guys my names Is kenned melee, people usually call me Kenny . Im from Jackson n] and I attended Jackson memorial high school . 1 remember back In hollyhock my failover thing was gym and all the activates we got to play . But anyway I'm now currently attending Coco , I choose ocean county college because of the opportunities it presents. Such as the low tuition fee for one . My plan at coco is to major in broadcasting journalism Finnish my flirts year with the best grades possible and then transfer to temple university.

Ocean county has taught me a few new things about my self such as how to mange my time studying , and how to mange my money well. Even though Eve learned a lot of things while at ocean the transition wasn't that smooth , I think the most difficult thing for me was having to remember my classes on my own . Its nothing Like highlights where you had the bell to remind you when class was. Or the stress of not knowing anyone In class, or not wanting to raise your hand In class because you think people might make fun of you. But Eve had a great support team.

In my Cad class Eve learned so much and my teacher Mrs... O explained everything charley and always offered a helping hand whenever we her students needed it. Ocean County has a lot of support services available to your disposable , Such as the student center. The student center has so many programs, clubs, and trips that inform you about what is going on in your own campus or around you. Then the one on one sessions with the guidance consoler who assist you with every question you have. Or the tutoring groups that assist with you with math , writing, science you name

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It, Coco was was built on the simple Idea to help you succeed. Another thing ocean has helped me succeed In was my learning methods. I leaned that IM an auditory and tactile learner. Which simply means I learn by hearing and doing things hands on. I also learned that I study better with the light on and with music silly but very helpful. And lastly how to mange my time wisely , buy studying in between classes. All these new things Eve learned over these past seeks have helped me with my attitude towards school. It made me realize that school isn't so bad if you Just have the tools to succeed .

I now how to mange my time better, and my money, and I have the skills to study correctly for an exam. I feel like I have become an independent learner because where I started from and where I am now. Looking back at my first semester of college I think I did everything perfectly In men's of my education, I made sure I was on top of all my school work and that and every assignment. And I Intend to do everything the same next semester. I'm so lucky to have had the easy transition into college like I did with the great support system . Make it so make it count .

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