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A professor teaches students to comprehend the different fields

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Teaching is a fulfilling profession; yet, at times, can be wearisome. The ramifications of the teaching profession impact the whole society. This profession allows individuals to interact with fellow members of the society and learn from each other.

A professor teaches students to comprehend the different fields of knowledge; eventually, these students apply what they have learned when they work or interrelate with individuals within a society. What I like about teaching is that it enables one to impart his knowledge to others, and eventually leads to a progressive and developed society. The thing that is undesirable about this job is that it is a taxing profession.

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Teaching allows a teacher to share what he/she has learned from the academic life. Sharing knowledge to others makes this profession a fulfilling one in the sense that the students are equipped with the necessary knowledge to overcome life’s challenges and trials that will come their way.

When the students apply what they have learned from their mentors in their chosen profession, it is the society who is usually benefited. Teaching touches upon the different fields of studies such as the sciences, mathematics and humanities; thus, students who excel in these fields usually contribute most to the progress and development of the whole community and society.

However, the actual exercise of the profession is a strenuous work due to the fact that a teacher needs to make lesson plans, appraise the progress of the students, be conversant with the subject he has to teach, and be flexible enough to adjust with the different character traits of each student.

Nevertheless, teaching is still an indispensable profession in order for a society to function. A society needs to have some persons to intellectually guide the members of the community to discover and harness each individual’s potential for the benefit of the whole community. Teachers fill up this societal requirement.

A professor teaches students to comprehend the different fields essay

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