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Narrative Story of Life And Experience

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Learning something can be a scary experience. I Anneal Santiago, sale associate and a cashier in Old Navy, Dolphin Mall since April 19, 2013 1 realize people can't manage their moods. The customers can be rude sometimes throwing the items on the cashier, some cut off other customers inline, some are so friendly that they make a half hour conversation with you, and some are Just weird. But besides that, thresher's the people that live In the same world as I do. So, I can't change how they feel on a retain day.

Heck, even sometimes I act In an unpleasant or pleasant way; when the situation is opposite and am standing on the other side of the cashier. But since we're human beings and we encounter emotions; I know that everyone has their moments let it be good or bad. First of all, not everything Is what we expect It to be... Working as a cashier has taught me a different type of lessons. For Instance, when I started In Old Navy It was basically my first real job. Before that, I was working in daycare, an office and warehouses but one could ever compare to working at Old Navy.

I've been working for a year and five months now, and the experience working there has been a roller coaster. Every day I experience something new, for example; there was a time about five to six months ago where Old Navy has crowed, the clothe everywhere, people talking loud, kids running around and some crying on their baby carnage. You could feel the humbled environment, so many people and everything going on were making everyone claustrophobic. Any how it was insane and an occupied but has amount there were in a good spirit, cheerful, smiling, and helping everyone who needed it.

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In the meanwhile, I was going around handing out coupons and giving outstanding customer service, to what I believe. My manager then called me over because she needed more cashiers. Immediately. I headed over, and that's when everything began. Taking register number two, turning on the light. Getting all size of Old Navy white bags with blue letters getting ready to open up, and looking forward the crowed line, going all the way down to middle of the store, made me want to speed up the proposes.

Finally when I am ready in a calm, moderate and respectful voice I myself call "Next customer, Credit or Debit only, cashier number 2 please", repeating It twice ћ Finally a tall, skinny African American girl with Jeans short, pink spaghetti shirt, and a pair of black flip flops, came near the register and ask "What you said girl? " , one more time in a kindly voice I said "Credit or Debit only", "she ask me why And as an employee I reply " Man I am on the floor today, but they told me to open up , and I can only take cards," Do you have one?.

The woman face change, her eyes turn red and you could feel the tension and the stem of anger from feet apart, she got everything and went back on line, but as she walk back she yells at me "Pitch I got no time for your ass" anything, first of all I have manners, its my Job to represent Old Navy as an employee, and lastly I was in a good , tranquil mood. Not to mention, my mood change immediately, my face got red as an apple, my ears got hot ass the fire, and I couldn't continue , for a second everything turn blurry and not going to lie I couldn't move.

Then a few seconds later, the girl inferno of my register look at me, and I knew what she really wanted to say with her look was ; "Anneal stay quite don't say anything back" , intently she grab the walked talkie and call the manager. Afterward, the African American woman went to the other cash register who was accepting cash, but she wasn't done with me, she started yelling around saying "She is not going to fight me"! Referring to me. I didn't even look back , I finally got over it and called rhea next one on line. In addition, when she was done paying she left the store still saying hangs in a blooming and powerful voice.

Finally, I learn that humans can't control their moods, I realize that everyone has differed. You can't ever expect anything from people because us as a human did not always act the same way. In addition, we never know what is going on with people live, what problem they might be experiencing at the moment, or maybe they Just treat others the way they get treated. When this incident happens, it really change my mood, and the way I act the whole day, it affected me but after a while I realize that we can't expect things and everyone is different on their own way.

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