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Narrative Childhood Story

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When I was a kid, I was living in West Roxbury small town near Boston, Massachusetts. I had many events happen in life, some good and some not so good but in the end it was a learning experience and part of my history. At the age of 7, I was sent to another country to live with my grandmother in South America. I had to leave my family due to medical reasons that my mother was going through. Many things were hard, but taking that experience has made me realize that good things can come out of what was then a bad experience in the beginning.

Trying to adapt to a new school, new friends, new environment, new family in the sense that I didn’t have my parents with me, wasn’t what I was used to but what did I know about that I was only 7 years old although if my memory serves me well, it was somewhat hard but not impossible to adapt to. Change is not an easy thing to adapt to especially if life has been a routine; it’s a cycle of experiences that with every step we go in life.

It was hard to adapt to another language and with that came a lot of stress in a young child’s life but through studying and learning I adapted to the language and finally made my way to understanding the Spanish language. In school is was tough to communicate with other kids as pretty much our own sign language had to suffice for a certain amount of time until I was able to speak in Spanish somewhat good. Grades in my report card were all red, which meant they were low but understandably so if Spanish was my second language.

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Though there was struggle with that alone, I also had a hard time adapting to my grandmother’s ways; I was used to my parents and it was a hard transition to get used to even though I was so young. I missed my parents but thank goodness my family was around and my cousins and some great friends cause they were around my age and I had a lot of fun playing with them for my whole stay there. I wish that I could go back and to relive at least one day from my childhood, when I was always feeling that I was safe, when my friends, family members, and I were living day by day and we were not planning for anything to happen the day after.

We didn’t know what’s meant by hater and, we didn’t realize hearted people who talk bad about us behind our backs and, they just give a smile on their face. Even money were just papers for me but, nowadays people can kill to earn money. Some say it’s considered a money hungry society. All people now are racing for money. I would like to take it back and lay on my old bed as I used to sleep, when I just put my head on my pillow I didn’t care about anything, I didn’t hate anybody.

I really wanted to relive just on day of my childhood, it was fun, real fun. There are a lot of lessons. Through my experience of going to a new country and adapting the way of life, the language and school, I was able to thank my parents and my family for a wonderful experience that has taught me all the listed above I have in life, but everything I have in life. In South America, I saw a lot of poverty and it made me appreciate everything I have in life including my life in general.

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