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Mystery City Report

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Princess Elisabeth Research station (Belgium), Antarctica 71*57’ S-23*20’E. That is exactly where mystery city #7 is located. One of the clues the website journeynorth. com gave us was “We are located on a continent that is one of the coldest places on Earth. It is also one of the driest, considered to be mostly desert; but don’t expect to see sand. ” This clue really helped because it pretty much told us our city was in Antarctica, but now we had to find out where in Antarctica. And clue number 2 kind of helped us with that. "We are located on part of a nunatak, almost 200 km from the coastline.

We see petrels and skuas from time to time. Sorry we can't be more specific about the country we're located in -- there are no countries here (or states, or cities)! " This clue really just told us that it was pretty close to the shore. But clue number 3 told us where in Antarctica our city was. "Down here our location isn't in a state or province, but Norway might say our location is within the boundaries of land which it claimed on this continent many decades ago. " We looked online at Norway claimed Antarctica and then knew where our city was around.

The last Clue number 4 was the one that really helped. The clue was "Our place looks like a spaceship floating in a sea of white. We operate on renewable energy like wind and solar, so we are also green. " And a picture was involved. The picture helped us out so much because what we did was take our guesses and put it in Google images and if the picture matched the we knew we had it. And we did, we found it on our 3rd try. That’s how we found out our mystery city. Our photoperiod for mystery city number 7 increased by 14 hrs and 31 min!

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And our photoperiod compared to Franklin was actually almost around the same even though our city was in Antarctica. Our city is way far south from Franklin because we know it’s in Antarctica and Massachusetts is in the USA. So you can also tell that our city is in the southern hemisphere because of the latitude and longitude. We knew right away its was going to be somewhere cold because our first data we got was crazy which kind of gave us a general idea of where it was. All in all we have found out the our city is Princess Elisabeth Research station (Belgium), Antarctica and its absolute location is 71*57’ S-23*20’E.

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