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My writing ritual

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The writing process Is new to me since Vie been out of school for 2 plus years. I am a new writer thus I am learning new writing techniques that produces a more unique personalized writing for me. The new technique I have learned Is writing rituals which are a detailed act or series of acts carried out by an Individual to relieve anxiety or to forestall the development of anxiety. Also (psycho) any repetitive behavior, such as hand-washing, performed by a person with a compulsive personality disorder.

These steps will explain its self and it'll show how it can also be plied to your everyday life. The rituals I use help to relieve stress when writing and is very important doing so. Although the steps I take are very tedious and well- structured, I put myself in a mind to produce well papers that represent not only me as a student but as a creative mouth piece generating an art. In order to succeed with a well-grounded paper I use these steps that I will explain in detail in following pages. Introduction As for me to begin my process to write, I prepare my mind, body, and soul.

Whether, for homework, a speech, guidelines, or announcements, I have to prepare yeses or I won't be able to focus and be easily distracted. I've noticed my preparations have made my writing extremely successful. These steps will explain it and it'll show how it can also be applied to your everyday life. Step by Step Beginning my days at 6 A. M. Get dressed, brush my teeth and wash my face. Then, I go downstairs to make coffee. I like everything to be clean and organized so I clean the kitchen, put all the clean dishes away (from the day before) and fix the couch.

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I make my coffee and go back upstairs. I play Soft Charlatans music to set the atmosphere. So I'm not so tense while I'm writing, I use the yoga ball to stretch my muscles. Then, I set up my computer, take out my notes that Ill need, and look at the assignments that are due. If I get overwhelmed, I like to go for a walk and think about the assignment. I ask myself how I can complete it successfully, have I ever done this type of assignment before, and can it be applied to reality? I also do research to further my understanding and to make sure I have the right ideas for the assignment.

Before I get started, I like to get a cold glass of water, some fruit, rackets, or peanuts so I wont lose my focus. Think of this as food for thought! And these are my steps to succeed. With the writing rituals I listed above show what I use to create assignments and how important they are to me producing a well-organized paper. I like to succeed; I take my education very seriously so this exercise has shown me that I'm going down the right path. During this course, Vie learned in order to succeed; I have to take extra steps to accomplish my goals. I think this course has helped me improve in all aspects of my life.

My writing ritual essay

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