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My Three Most Effective College Study Skills

College life is a new start for me. I need to change my study skills to adapt the new period of studying. As a college student, I think developing effective study skills is an excellent way to ensure that I can fully enjoy my college life.

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First of all, making a schedule to confirm what things I need to do and put everything in order is a good way for me to improve the learning efficiency. I try to make an “everyday To-Do list” and mark important tasks on the calendar, such as preparing presentations, the deadline of essays, and the date of quizzes or examinations.

It can help me know class and tasks clearly, and then I can arrange everything under control. When I complete a task, I’ll tick off it. A small tick always gives me a sense of achievement. Secondly, listening to lecturers carefully in class is the most essential way. I try to take notes to record something important and underline important points in class. And I think giving eye contacts to teachers is a good way to give feedbacks to teachers and help teacher know whether you’ve understood or not.

Actually, previewing new knowledge before class can help me understand contents of the class better. Moreover, reviewing knowledge after class; it’s a good way to test whether I’ve grasped the knowledge or not. Last but not least, participating in extracurricular activities is an important way. There’re lots of different kinds of lectures in our college, some lectures can help me open up my mind and enlarge my knowledge, and some lectures can help me relax.

And participating in the group work regularly is a good way to develop communication competence and find our own strength and weakness. Meanwhile, society club activities also are a part of the college life. In our leisure time, we can take part in activities to make more friends and relax ourselves. All in all, everyone may have their own way to study well and get higher grades. Anyway, I think these three ways are the most appropriate for me. Someone who knows how to learn efficiently is much better than someone who can get good grades. (366 words)