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Effective communication Skills

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The foundation for all Learning Teams is based on effective communication. Learning how to develop these skills are necessary if one is to attain the desired goals, share a healthy relationship based on trust, and mutual understanding. “It is important that all members of the team have a clear understanding of his or her roles and responsibilities” (Ghosh, 2008). All of these things are possibly when the team as a whole develop and practice effective communication skills. Developing these skills among team members can be done by practicing some basis manners, etiquette and having an open mind.

Effective communication also creates a collaborative learning environment that improves the quality of group projects. The first communication skill that fosters effective learning teams is to create a team charter. Team members can update his or her contact information as the need arises. Next it is important to foster an atmosphere that generates conversation. A team member can do this by simply asking questions to become familiar with each other before any assignments are due. Some lines of communication used to generate conversation are email, phone calls, text messaging, and team forum.

Explore each other’s strengths and weaknesses during this process can contribute greatly to the overall success of the team as well. Ghosh (2008) emphasized: Listening to others’ opinions and using those suggestions if found to be effective. Listening plays a vital role in the effective communication process. Keep each other inform with the latest project updates and issues that may prevent updates helps to avoid conflict and relieve tension thus encouraging positive interaction between members. (para.3)

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Each person is valuable to the Learning Team and knowing this help foster effective communication. Another strategy that helps foster effective communication is “asking for feedback and suggestions from team members” (Ghosh, 2008). When team members share practical knowledge with each other it allow the team to deepen ones understanding and develop into effective leaders. In essence when Learning Teams foster effective communication skills it provide a sense of supports that is beneficial in helping adults cope with the challenges of balancing school with other life’s responsibilities.

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