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My Terror

My ambition of life Introduction:- NO one in this world is without dreams in life. Everyone has is own dream in Fife. Many have an aspiration to be a rich one or to become business tycoon.

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Some person have a dream of becoming leader,application & social reformers. Their are others who has a crazy for becoming poets,writers & novelists. While most of us generally have a desire of becoming engineers,doctors,scientist of a great repute. But some have a opinion to be commissioned officers in the Armed forces.

There are fewer & fewer people who are happy-go–lucky”by nature & have no clear cut aim in their life Importance:-AS for myself, I don ‘t have very ambitious aims in my life. ‘ don ‘t wish to became a mill owner or a multi-millionaire. The soul object of my life is to lead a life of simplicity ; oddness devoted to the service of humanity. The life of a professional leader ; a plantation leader does not interest me because most of such persons are grown parasites in the society. Our society also dislike ARISTOTLE said “THESE applications are Just like “demagogues” mean a cruel & black bird like vultures have preying eyes.

Different aims:- I born of middle class parent’s. From the very begging I have been passing through the struggles of life . 1 have cut throat competition in most of the profession . Let’s consequences have been far reaching. People demoralized. Examples are not wanting when we can find every engineers excepting very big bribes,lawyers saving guilty persons or murderers & doctors are demanding money from patients at crucial stages of surgical operations Choice of profession:- Then what do I want to be?

Indeed,from the core of my heart,’ wish to become a teacher. The motto of this life s simple living & high thinking,which inspire me to take up this profession. The noble ideals of the teacher in the ancient time or before me. As I am fully aware of difficulties & hardship off teacher life. ‘ know that a teachers are on the bleating graph of poverty in the past,But I now if he is not a wealthy person then he is not depicted to anyone . Elf he has not luxurious life then on the other he can easily can meet out the basic needs of life.

A teacher is always busy in correcting answer book or exercise books of students but along with this as a result of continuous research n education, the role of the teacher is only of a supervisor & a facilitator in the innovation methodologies & strategies. Len short there are no stirring event in his life. Teacher is a bank of respect & prestige in every nook & corner of the street in the shape of student. ‘spite of these hardships,’ don ‘t have any aim but only to become a teacher. ‘ have my own reasons & considerations for this choice. From my childhood,’ have developed of a love for young children’s .

To me, they are delicate & beautiful like the petal of a flower. Feel that as a teacher, I can help the students in widening their outlook by giving them a treasury of knowledge . 1 will have the satisfaction of doing valuable service to country by producing egoistic citizens. Moreover,the company of the young children’s can even help me in remaining young & fresh I thought & out-look. Conclusion:-Besides doing all these important services I will also have the mean of consistency. ‘ have a great faith in life of noble & ideal teacher,because teachers are the custodians off highest value Essay on Terror By machineries