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Good Habits

Practicing good things in our lives, make us and our surrounding happy. Every individual should engage in good deeds to becomes good human being . There are many tall leaders ,who became our role models.

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The reason behind their greatness is, indulging themselves in good habits . The habits like, reading books that radiates knowledge and moral , or attending religious ceremonies ,or participating in group sports ,would make a comprehensive or a complete human being .

Lets discuss in detail. Firstly, good habits are very essential for leading a harmonious life. if we look in to biography of famous people, we can learn that they had indulge healthy habits like reading books or spending their most of the time in library. Reading enhances our knowledge and perception towards outer world. There are many beautiful books that teach, the proper way of personal and social life. Hence one must cultivate this habit to lead a good life.

Secondly, religion teaches the holistic way of life, that includes respecting elders and nature . Attending these religious ceremonies will change individual behavior and make them to live a moral and virtue life. Irrespective of any religion, all teaches to become a good human being . By spending some time from our daily life in religious rituals, will inculcate high moral in people. Further more , participating in sports especially in group sports,also help us to construct our personality in positive direction .

Playing in team teaches to how to be a part of team, and it also show co-ordination of each other to get success ,it could be in sports or in personal life. To put it in to nut shell,indeed good habits make a good human being . Spending time with good books or attending religious ceremonies ,certainly bring changes in personality . And plying group sports enhance harmony and integrity in our social life.