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My Priorities

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Daniela Resendez Carolyn S. Smith English-1301-52 10/02/2012 My Priorities Women and men have different sets of priorities. Because men have always cared more about materialistic objects, their priorities are different from those of women. Most women are more sentimental; therefore, their priorities are humanistic. Since I am a woman, my priorities are humanistic. My three main priorities in life are my family, God and my friends. My first priority is my family.

I cannot imagine a person that has something or someone else as a first priority; basically, my family is the most important thing in my life. The love of the family is unconditional. I always feel support with them, and I know I will never feel homeless with them by my side. After all, they are the people with whom an individual will share the great moments of life. My second priority is God. I know that many people do not consider him a priority, maybe because they do not believe in something bigger than them.

But, my belief is different, I am never going to be alone and I am always going to feel hope. Belief in God is not only by words, but by actions. An action that proves individual belief is going to church. I used to go to church since I was a child. It was there that I learned about the good and bad things in the world. Finally, My friends are my third priority. Like family, is impossible not to have our friends in our priorities. Because with them there is always that loyalty that unites us, we are always going to find a family in them.

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We can talk with our friends the way we talk with our mother or sister, and sometimes we can have more trust in them. We share funny moments, with our friends, which are very important in our lives. Because those moments are unforgettable, friends are a priority. We party with them the way we cannot with our family, thus we share the most important secrets. In conclusion, my priorities have always given me stability, hopefulness and happiness. My family, God and my friends are my three main priorities and that is how I have managed to accomplish my goals.

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