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Somebody I consider to be a hero is my mom. To be someone's hero it isn't that simple. Hero's are defined through the things they do to help to make the environment around you a better place. Hero's are usually defined as caring, patient, courage and selflessness. My mom is my hero because she influences me to look up to her. My mom shows courage and strength, she also passionate about making the people around her happy and successful.

My mom can be seen as a hero in my life because she is a caring mom. We have six children at our home and my mom has the time to clean, cook food for them, buy them things, drive them to their specific sports and events. One time i remember is when this was during the weekends. The weekends are very busy and everybody has someplace to be so my mom drove my brothers to their soccer game while they're at soccer dropped my sister at her friend's house, picked up the other. She finds time to make her kids successful and to let them to have fun in their activities.

My mom is my hero because of the courage she has. She will do anything to protect me and my family in any situation. I remember this one time during Christmas break we go to the snow at camp in the cabins with our friends and cousins. And so one evening we were coming up to the house after a fun day at the snow, and we're caring sleds and skiing equipment and all of the sudden we hear something move in the bushes. Everybody got scared. Can you imagine twenty- twenty-five people are coming up with random things from the snow. Everybody is tired. and out of the bushes, we see a cub. Everybody got scared even the adults. The kids were losing their minds. 'what if he attacks us? 'Off course not just keep on going and don't stop'. My little sisters started crying its okay my mom said 'everything will be okay because I'm with you girls'. My mom quickly got the little kids and ran to the cabin. After she brought her own kids to a safe place she helped the other moms take their kids. This showed me the courage she had even if there was something that might of killed or injure somebody from the group.

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My mom's courage and caring inspire me to want to be like her. to help other people when they are in need of help. and make time for every little thing in your life to make people around you be happy and successful. This inspires me to want to be somebodies else's hero. To protect them and care less about myself but think how can I make them different people.

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