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My mom is a wonderful woman

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Have you ever had that one person that you have looked up to your whole life? Well i have, and that person is my mom. My mom is a wonderful woman. She puts up with my attitude and all of the annoying things i may put her through, and she is still there for me when i need her. My mom is someone that i love and that i can rely on if i need something. I know she will never let me down and that is why i can depend on her for anything. I can trust my mom and that is a problem i have with other people.

I have never really been able to trust anybody. My mom has helped me a lot in life whether its figuring out how to do something, helping me achieve my goals, or telling me not to give up. I can ask my mom for advice and talk to her about anything. My mom is the main reason that i am doing sports in high school. I have always wanted to do sports but i have always been shy and scared to try new things. I didn't want to try out because i was afraid i wouldn't make the team. She encouraged me to try and and i made the team thanks to her.

I can talk to my mom about anything. My mom was there for me when i switched schools and i didn't know anybody. I would talk to her and she would tell me just be your self and don't let anybody change you. She is someone i constantly go to when i have no one to talk to. We might play around a lot but I know when she is joking and i know when she is being serious with me. My mom is the best person in the world. My mom has always believed in me. She told me to always try my best.

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My mom is a wonderful woman

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She told me that even if i feel like I'm going to fail to always try me hardest because i never know what could happen. She also told me to never give up. She told me that before i started doing sports that as long as i try my hardest she will supply me with everything i need to succeed. My mom has helped me make a lot of decisions. She helped me figure out that i wanted to join a sport, she helped me decide if i wanted to do an honors class or not, and she talked to me about joining and advanced placement class.

My mom is the main reason i am the person i have grown up to be. If she wasn't her for me i would have probably been a totally different person. Even though i get on my moms nerves all the time she still puts up with me and she still loves me. There is a couple of times were we have argued with each other, but we easily get over that. I look up to my mom and i hope that when I'm a mom my kids will look up to me like i look up to my mom.

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