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My Childhood Habit Fascinated me With Interior Design and Architecture

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Becoming an interior and architecture designer has always been my dream. There were two reasons that made me choose to study interior design and architecture when I enroll in the class at the university. In my childhood, I enjoyed playing with the LEGO toy. LEGO made me interested in architecture and interior design. Meanwhile, the LEGO toy inspired my creativity because I could create different models with the tiny block of the toy. When I have the internship working in the Cork Supply factory, my working experiences influenced me to choose to study interior design and architecture. I designed the new layout to help Cork Supply's company to reduce product travel over 26 miles per month. However, the new factory interior design elements in the visual or aesthetic level attracted me.

I want to figure out why the factory chose white wall paint, 2x4 ft fluorescent lighting tube, and so on. Therefore, my childhood habit made me interested in interior design and architecture. My internship working experience made me go one step further that I decided to study interior design and architecture. There are many interior designers or studio that influenced me. One of the most inspired me is Kelly Wearstler. Kelly's design ideas attract me because she used high-quality textures, modern furniture patterns, simple lighting textures to create her project full of aesthetics. For example, Kelly's design idea was to create a great relation between inside the residence with outside. So she designed 3-leaf sliding ceiling-to-floor windows to bring in Pacific scenery into the living room. In addition, she also designed one roof window in the middle of the living room. She wants sunshine through the window into the living room.

In her design project, the material selection inspiration, and form come from the natural shape, such as she used sea waves from patterned marble to design a countertop. As a result, I learned combinate material shapes like the natural form with high-quality texture to create a modern style. In my modern design project, I have some design ideas come from Kelly's design concept. I use light colored wooden floor and wall paint to create relaxed and clam design mood. The large open ceiling-to-ground window brings an outside view into the house. In addition, the modern design style of furniture helps me highlight my modern design concept. I will make my design schedule and plan in the beginning. I will have group meetings with my clients or partner because the clients' desires are necessary and essential for me. Then I will find the ideas or concepts that influence mine from outsources. The color palettes, furniture design style, materials, lighting design, spital considerations are both in my development step. When I create the initial design layout, I will have a group meeting with my clients.

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I can describe my design concept to my clients and get feedback. I will show the visually beautiful 3D picture in the final design layout. My clients can see their desires what look like in real life. My modern design style combination of the natural environment element with a modern geometric shape. There was one example, I designed one residence in an urban city last year. The client wanted to enjoy the city's downtown skyline and river views except for city activity noisy. In order to satisfy client's needs, I designed the 2-leaf sliding window in the living room and master bedroom. The natural light can be through the sliding window into the residence. Meanwhile, the client would have a good relation between city views and with interior space of the house. The warm temperature lighting creates a relax and calm residence mood. The CB2 exclusive furniture, such as the Robey charcoal relvet curved sofa, and smart round marble brass coffee table make my design is simple and elegant, never out of fashion. I designed the community center in my major interior design and architecture class last year.

The community center would welcome new immigrants and provide them with education, social services, and community connection as they journey toward self-sufficiency and adjusting to life in a new city. My design concept came from the honeycomb. The honeycomb design concept conveyed the join, community and share ideas which are community center goals. The community center included a lobby, cafe, community room, social service offices, classrooms, and computer lab. I chose light blue for the classroom and computer lab, red for the community room, green for the cafe and lobby, and yellow for the office. The color selection ideas came from rainbow toy because different color transfer different moods. Light blue expresses cognition, red expresses activity or creativity. The direction cool temperature lighting design created the activity mood in the lobby and classroom. In the cafe area, the warm temperature ceiling lighting created a cafe mood is warm and relaxed. I enjoy touching different categories and materials of design are very inspiring.

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