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There were rules to be followed, and a person should not act differently from others. But in the end, everything changed when Sam and Suez finally decided to run away and lives on their own. After the upbringing, the whole community started to find the love, between Sam and Suez, harmful. It caused the disruption within the stagnant plot of the story, in a way that they were different from what was usually considered correct by the norm. This disruption elevated the twists and turns of the events within the movie.

Also because of this, the members of the community started to suffer, and started to find a solution on how to solve this disruption within the community. From living normal, he members of the community started to form this consciousness to each other that resulted to their own involvement in the love between Sam and Suez. However, this did not mean that the community itself as a whole started to form a unity instantly; it was only a step-by-step process that eventually led to the involvement and solidarity of the characters.

The community as a whole created the status of each of the characters. It Implemented rules and regulations; from what Is right, to what Is wrong. These biases made by the society led to the corruption of each character that resulted in heir fixed role in the community. For example, the Khaki Scout Trainer was a Math Teacher but because of the community where he was in, he was forced to become a Trainer. Generally, by these biases made by the Community, the members within it started to view everything as normal, and began to be unconscious to others. In the division of the community.

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This showed that the bias led by the community as a whole produced a bias to an individual, and caused dissever of its member. When the community started to act, due to the subject of love between Sam and Suez, each character started to be involved. From Cam's side of the story, his foster parents started to ignore their own responsibilities to him, unlike the Khaki Scout Trainer and the Island Police Officer, who were treating him as a family. And from Guy's side of the story, her parents started to pay attention to her maturity due to her issues of rampaging, and being introvert from the rest of her schoolmates.

These transformations made by each character showed the manifestation of the romantic convolutions of the two young characters. But as a whole community, this love between the two at first was not accepted because of their age. In the end, due to the early maturity of the young lovers little-by-little the community started to acknowledge their love, thus showed the transformation of the community from being stagnant to a community whose members were involved and united.

In addition, the involvement of each character to the love between Sam and Suez, made the portrayal of each scene focused from the island's community to each individual that involved themselves within the issue. The portrayal of each scene from the start of the movie was all about the community and the island itself. It focused on the stagnant community that deals tit their own problems. The people in New Penance had been following the rules and biases done by the community itself.

It showed that the portrayal of the scene is on a slide manner that depicted one scene then shift to the other. It also described New Penance by showing the place, and by using a Journalist to give information. The way the Journalist's report, at the start of the movie, is on a fixed manner. The journalist gave information, but the way his report portrayed was that his background was fixed and instantaneously shifting from one idea to the other.

This showed that the movie at the start was in a state of stationary ideas that had been made by the community that had been adapted by its members. After the upbringing of the love between Sam and Suez, there was a sudden changed in how the scene had been portrayed. First, it focused more on the two- young lovers. The portrayal of each scene about the lovers transformed the scene from being stationary to being alive. There was a beginning of a conversation and showing of each other's actions. Second, it also focused on the involvement of each character.

By the time the upbringing happened; the community started to act, and by this action, the scene portrayal started to show the strengths and weaknesses of each character in the story. Lastly, it also dealt with the recovery of the way how it was presented at the start. At the end of the movie, on how the scene that had been being portrayed was the same on how the scene had been portrayed at the beginning. This showed that even though there was a transformation within the community as a whole, the depicting of the scene started and ended with the same portrayal.

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