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Motivation Letter

I am Mashiur Rahman. I am working as an Assistant Professor of Accounting, School of Business, at the Ahsanullah University of Science and Technology, Bangladesh. I have completed an inspiring four-year BBA program (Bachelor degree) in Accounting and Information Systems and one year of MBA (Graduate degree) also in the major in Accounting and Information Systems in the year 2008 and 2009 respectively from University of Chittagong which is the third largest university of Bangladesh.

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I stood third position in both examinations and obtained CGPA 3. 73 and 3. 61 respectively, out of scale four.

I would like to put to use this knowledge to do my Masters in Quantitative Finance in the Faculty of Economic Sciences of the University of Warsaw, Poland. This would give me the leading edge in proper knowledge and the practical low-down and information I require. An extremely distinguished facility, a milieu replete with academic activities and synergetic relationship between the student and the department and a research program which blends high quality course and work and learning facilities as the cutting edge of every sub field are the factors which have motivated me to choose the University of Warsaw.

I wish to earn Masters Degree in Quantitative Finance because that enlightened my career in teaching in the field of Accounting and Finance. I have published two articles in the area of Finance and Accounting titled in “Determinants of Foreign Direct Investment in Bangladesh” and “Determinants of Dividends Payouts on the Insurance sector of Bangladesh” in the “AUST Journal of Science and Technology”.

After having research in the University of Warsaw website and discussed with my professors and colleagues about my choice of University, I have no doubt that University of Warsaw is the appropriate place to pursue my further studies, since it will provide me an opportunity to attend classes are taught by well qualified professors and professionally qualified instructors with rich consultancy experiences. My carefully planned career path and professional experiences in combination with University of Warsaw will help to ensure that I am successful in my next career.

My background will also match to the diversity of your University. I am eager to gain exposure to a diverse and international group of University of Warsaw classmates, as well as their insight on the industries in which they have worked. I look forward to sharing my experience and a dynamic classroom environment with them. It would be a great pleasure and honor for me if given a chance to pursue my graduate studies at this University. If I get an opportunity to do masters in Quantitative Finance, I assure that my work would not fall short of your expectations. I hope that you will find in me a deserving and creditable student.