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Motivation Letter

N. Michigan Avenue, Suite 2200, Chicago, Illinois 60611 USA 4 October, 2010 Dear Sir/Madam, Sub: Motivation letter for applying ISTAT Scholarship. My diligence towards academics helped me to secure higher grades in my high school.

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I was very much interested to take up a career in aeronautical engineering and wanted to explore the entire world through my aeronautical knowledge. To put forward by views in my way In June 2006 I have started my Bachelors in Aeronautical engineering, Anna University, Chennai.To upgrade my knowledge in this field I have taken up MSc Aerospace in TUDelft. Currently I am in the first year of study. In my curriculum I have done aircraft design project titled as “Designing of 75-100 seater regional jetliner airplane”. This gave me more basic knowledge to design an aircraft and to increase its performance. I have completed designing courses and gained knowledge in many CAD & FEM tools such as AUTO CAD ,PRO-E,CATIA and ANSYS.To apply my knowledge in design field I have taken up CSWA exam and i have secured 70% in it . Now i am a certified solid works associate(CSWA). I have also done paper presentation in “Design of Handheld Vaccum Cleaner”,which I have been shortlisted as a finalist in the national event at SHAASTRA ,IIT MADRAS. I have also done another project in “Designing of Multiple disc brake ” at a state level event conducted by Barry Wehmiller International Resources.Added to this, I have done my undergraduate project in “Confinement of snag and implementation of failsafe Design for IGV Actuator of TM-3332B2 Engine” at HAL (Hindustan Aeronautics Limited, Bangalore. Another exciting and learning phase had been my experience in representing my college in AERO INDIA 2009, Bangalore Air show. There I had an great exposure to the world aviation market and this instilled me how to work for the constructive future. Currently I am involved in designing a Very light Aircraft (VLA) under the SSVOBB, in the Aerospace Engineering Department, TU Delft.Since I am from a developing country (India), my parents belong to lower socio economic status and will find it difficult to pay my tuition fees which is enormous when converted to Indian rupees. I have obtained bank loan for which interest rates are very high and my parents will be able to pay back only part of the amount that itself will take a long time. To minimize their burden and to continue my studies , I have applied for ISTAT Scholarship which will help me to fulfil my dreams in the fields of aviation. Yours Sincerely Vivekanandhan Sindhamani