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Motivation Letter: Global Youth Ambassador Program

Dear, Global Youth Ambassador Program

With this letter, I would like to express my interest in joining Global Youth Ambassador Program.As student who joining an organization, I am typical person who interest to challenge my self to discover new experience with a different world from my comfort zone life.Beside looking new experience, I like make a friends, I can build a good climates with other people.

People know me as friendly person, but become a friendly person there is negative impact that gain from my self.

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Sometimes I wonder that people is not comfort stay beside me because I am a person who interest in talking, but being a fussy person is the way making friends for me. In an organization life, I strive for having ability to communicate with others and also well time organize is the important one that I must apply in my organization life.

Discover a new challenge in life is my typical, when my friends telling me that AISEC held a program which is travel across the world to go through a cultural learning experience while working for project and NGO’s that purpose to build positive impact in society, I feel so challenged to join this program.

As I ever experienced in one of President University Charity Club’s program that is teaching especially for English lesson to children in rural area, I want to involved more my social project by joining this Global Youth Ambassador Program. I will dedicate my hard work to succeed this this program by participating in every activities held by this program. I believe I can meet the requirement, and I hope for positive reply. you can contact me via telephone +6285324875757 or email : [email protected]


Hani Widiya Oktaviani

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