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Motivation Letter

Motivation letter Dear Sir or Madam, I am writing to express my interest in applying for ……. starting in September …..

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I believe my educational background would enable me to make a strong contribution at the University. I mention that I have graduate in year….. from the ……… and got a bachelor degree in ………. My academic performance was always on top of class. I have been an active member of the student Union where I have been involved in the development of several engineering and projects.

Moreover I can say that I would like to continue my studies in order to gain knowledge and experiences by academic research and I believe a Master Degree Programme in…………… would offer me the possibility of receiving the complete picture of all aspects of this field. The reason for choosing this specific Master Programme comes from the fact that in the near future I would like to get to know more things regarding the fundamental disciplines of ….. and acquire a broad overview of ……..

I already got some ideas in my head, but unfortunately until now I did not have the right knowledge and the right tools for putting them in practice and that is why I know that this Master Programme would be an excellent starting point for me. Also if I will get selected for this program I will have the opportunity to learn from the best and the fact that I will study in an international environment will give me the privilege to create new relationships with people from different cultures.

I am also aware of the kind of dedication and perseverance I will need to have for achieving the best results in the field and I believe my background will qualify me for such a Master Programme. Finally I can say that I look forward to join this Master Degree Programme …………. in order to prove my abilities and gain new skills and I will be patiently waiting for a positive reply.