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In the subcontinent there are legion traditions and patterns that are based on ignorance and which have captivated the advancement of the societies. Of such negative influenced ignorance, unsociableness, dowry systems, rigidness of caste system and solitude system have done singular injury to the society. These influences are present in our society and are practiced without the reverberation of the wake that they bring with them, the society keeps following them like aristocracy preached through hereditary traditions. Cinema movies have, had and will go on to torch visible radiation to eliminate the obstinate discolorations in the sub Continental society. Cinema has been used to advance obliteration of trafficking, illiteracy, bondage, promote national integrating, household planning, and inter caste/religion matrimonies. Cinema can be used as a tool to lend to steer the society to continue along the righteous way. It has been and will be used as a mean to take ignorance from the sub Continental society.

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There are dynamic positions and realisation of film to different people associated to this signifier of media, for case for the Manufacturers it is a mean of a moneymaking concern, for managers and backroom staff, it is a signifier of canvas for them there they can execute their art work to the multitudes for personal desire and satisfaction, for on screen performing artists, such as histrions and actresses, its is a mean of gaining money and face value, while for the multitudes it is a mean of inexpensive and interesting signifier of amusement and interest for their screening and listening pleasance. This is one of the cardinal grounds why film has been a booming industry for ages and clasp of a major market portion of the amusement industry.

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Indian Cinema:

Since its get downing with the movie 'Raja Harish Chandra ' ( 1913 ) , the film has remained the most powerful media for mass communicating in India. Cinema has the ability to unite amusement with communicating of thoughts. It has the possible entreaty for its audience. It surely leaves other media far behind in doing such an entreaty. As in literature, film has produced much which touches the innermost beds of the adult male. It mirrors the episodes in such a mode that leaves an impact on the coming coevalss. Cinema presents an image of the society in which it is born and the hopes, aspirations, defeat and contradictions present in any given societal order.

In the present epoch, film is acquiring replaced by little screen productions. Televised seriess and programmes are replacing fad. They advertise and earn gross for industry. Thus movies telecast has become a beginning of farther income for the industry and trade.

Man has inherent aptitudes, different ideas flow which leave an consequence on the heads. The individual laughs with the movies and cryings with them. Scenes of 'Shaheed Bhagat Singh ' , a movie by Raj Kumar Santoshi and Manoj Goswami makes people national-minded and sentimentally involved in the movie show. The fim duologues are busying topographic points in our existent life. Dialogues of Mugle Azam found topographic point in the normal interaction of people for a long clip. Peoples talked and walked like Prithvi Raj, the great male monarch Akbar. In the same manner, dramas by Agha Hashat and Devdas by Sharat Chandra left a deep impact on the multitudes. In the same manner, movie 'Sholey ' created an imending consequence on so many.

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Example of Bengali Cinema and how it portrays:

Bengali film is closely linked to Modernity and Realism. The most celebrated and celebrated movie shapers of the Bengali film along with the modernist ideas chose the genre of pragmatism to make to a new tallness. Ritwik Ghatak and Satyajit Ray are some of the greatest illustrations, who have played with the subject of pragmatism and modernness in their movies.

Modernity is a huge subject and can be defined into many ways. But we will chiefly concentrate on the artistic, societal and political modernisation. Satyajit Ray 's movie 'Pather Pancheli ' is one of the ultimate illustrations of movies portraying pragmatism along with several elements of modernness. It was an inspiration to Vittorio De Sicca 's Bicycle Thief, 1948 which was based on Italian neo-realism. Ray 's work was a shot of mastermind. It reflected the societal advancement and alteration in Bengal and besides had modernized thoughts and constructs.

In his movie Pather Panchali, Ray has focused on go forthing the old thoughts behind, traveling on and working on new constructs. He put accent on the fact that, with the transition of clip the conventional ways of life, household thoughts and traditional life style have become out-of-date and needs to be altered consequently. During the flood tide, Apu and his household, leaves their place and subsequently departs from the small town. Their ascendant 's place was the exclusive ground why they were non go forthing that small town. They shifted to another topographic point for a better life and life manner. By relocating, they were able to sell off the old house which was of no usage to them, alternatively was the ground for their girl 's life.

This movie is an development from traditional times to modern manner of life. Ray used many metaphors throughout his movie which were related to a demand for alteration and modernness. I think old aunt was a perfect illustration of metaphorical use. She was exhausted, old adult female who had nil to make than merely rolling around the house. She is often told by everyone to go forth which indicates that she is unwanted and worthless in the house. The household feared famine, survival and poorness. They were unhappy about the traditional manner of life and traditions. The same manner, they were annoyed by the presence of old aunt. Subsequently, we founds out that the old aunt meanders, after several unsuccessful efforts of seeking for a shelter topographic point, she dies. Death of old thoughts is the metaphorical significance of old aunt 's decease. Ray wishes for a alteration, something which is ne'er stoping. Through his illustrations, he focused on a demand for alteration so that we can interrupt off from the traditions which are keeping us back and is a signifier of barrier to our advancement. By agencies of aunt decease, he is able to demo how traditions have become outdated.

Ray 's another great work Charulata ( 1964 ) , besides focuses on conveying a alteration. The narrative sets in an upper in-between category Bengali society. In this context, a only homemaker falls in love with her brother-in-law while they both were hiking each other to compose. He applied two different ideas of traditionality and modernness, place and desire and literature and political relations together.

Ray 's movies have a humanistic attack. The deepness of his plant is far making. It has captured the human bosom and extracted the emotions from it. Apu throwing the necklace stolen by Durga, Amal go forthing place for the fright of being unfaithful, Durga stealing nutrient from her aunt are illustrations of Ray 's humanistic work.

Ray is besides inspired by Neo-realism. From my point of position, it is because his narratives are mostly concentrating on the society. He can non do them fictional because so it would irrelevant to the society. His narratives are non meant to be movies, in fact a world which was an image of the society in which he has lived in. It was a complete imitation of Bengali society. The characters were portraiture of existent personalities. For illustration, Durga is Hindu fabulous character. When you look at her, you will non judge her as a good or evil character but will believe of her as a adult female who had existed in the yesteryear and had different properties which mirrored her personality. She was n't a fictional character.

Correspondingly, Ritwik Ghatak 's movies introduced the modernistic subjects of isolation, disaffection and demand for place that evolves around the Bengali society.

In his socially applicable movie Ajantrik, Ghatak brought together the construct of isolation and disaffection to the society. He demonstrates a adult male 's love for his auto ; auto is a exanimate object. That adult male had a disturbed societal life where he was non able to bond tighter with people around him. There are scenes like when Bimal is holding a conversation with his auto. He takes attention of his auto like he is a living comrade. At the same clip, did n't give importance to what the society says. This shows the importance of the auto, Jagaddal. Ghatak treat the auto as a life character and non as a prop. He besides showed the auto 's point of position. He wants to turn out his point that with the debut of modernisation ; nowadays people are more mercenary orientated. They value belongings more than dealingss.

Similarly in Subarnarekha ( 1965 ) , Ghatak has focused more on the subject of place ( alongside the sub-themes such as dealingss and happiness.His work is besides approximately modernness, alteration and its effects and how divider affected Ghatak and the society.

Subarnarekha is a after divider narrative of a household relocating to the bank of Subarnarekha River. Throughout the narrative, Sita hunt for felicity. He talks about the new place feeling and that she confesses her secrets, felicity and sufferings to a river.

What I learned from Ghatak 's movies is he considers that society has transformed from being a community to a combined life of different characters. Individuality is present wholly over his work. Peoples have how people have gone from being lovers of nature and semisynthetic beauty ( like lakes and montains ) to autos and belongings.

One may state that in the movies of both, Satyajit Ray and Ritwik Ghatak, you can happen many modernist necessities. Their work ranges from content to subjects like theanthropism, place and modernness ; besides their trade which is the usage of POV shootings, Brechtian elements, different manner of filming and pull stringsing infinite.


It is ever good and good groomed to see good topics on film. They have a really positive and durable consequence on the heads whereas inexpensive and moth-eaten films affect the stamp heads of audience really severely. There is general feeling that present twenty-four hours offenses are all due to effects of film. Besides unfastened and demonstrative topics throw tarnished messages. They spoil our civilization, and society. Cinema and TV severely affect the wellness of the childs. They neglect surveies and physical games to pass more clip on this amusement. School-going kids and society kids fail to do usage of good impacts and are influenced by the bad portion of the programmes on the air.

The motivation is non to fling film or Television telecast so easy. The desirable act will be to selective and choosey for programmes. Good films should be seen by the pupils. The films of Television shows should be really much restricted and for a fix clip.

The film exercises a great influence on the head of the people. It has a great educative value. It can accomplish glorious consequences in the field of enlargement of instruction. There are certain topics, such as scientific discipline and geographics, which can be more effec­tively taught with the aid of talking pictures. Lessons on route sense, regulations of hygiene and civic sense can be taught to the pupils and the ' public every bit good in a really effectual mode with the aid of film images. Many successful experiments have been made in assorted states on the public-service corporation of movies as a agency of instruction. Feature movies have been produced for school and college pupils and pupils are being benefitted by them.

Cinema movies have the power to act upon the thought of the people. They have changed the society and societal tendencies. They have introduced new manners in society. They may be described as pace-setters. They can make a direct impact on our societal life. Movies can travel a long manner towards eliciting national consciousness and besides in using the energies of the young person in societal reconstruc­tion and nation-building by a adept adaptation of good moral, societal and educative subjects, and by debut of popular sentiments, movies can, to a great extent, formulate and guide public sentiment

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