Misconception of Gender Roles in Islam

Last Updated: 11 Mar 2020
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Misconception of gender roles occur in everyday aspect of life and religion is no exception to this case. Especially in the religion of Islam, current debates occur over gender roles. Although this monotheistic religion has been around for centuries, It wasn't long ago that it became so prevalent in main stream media; especially since the occurrence of 9/11. As much as this religion Is celebrated, it Is also highly scrutinized for the preconception of the role of man and woman.

This Is all based upon the interpretations by Non-Muslims and Muslims alike, due to the fact that ultra biases conflict with actual teachings of Islam. Negative connotations have been made In regards to how women do not receive equal treatment and how men are treated like kings. Though many claim that Islam has monolinguals view points, this religion In fact has high Importance of women. It's the truth that has to be reexamined to get Americans to reconsider their perception of Muslim women and their Important roles In Islam.

To understand this debate over women's role In Islam, one has to understand the religion Itself. The actual meaning of the word "Islam" according to Encyclopedia Britannica is an Arabic word that means submission to God. Specifically it is the act of compliance to one single God, which is why it is a monotheistic religion. This religion is carried out by their holy book called the "Curran". The main objective of this religion is to live a full life through the teachings of Curran, rid one's self of negative attributes such as Ego that pollutes the mind.

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This religion is meant to be practiced on a continual basis and that is why it incorporates domestic issues such as, how to dress, personal hygiene, what to eat, and civil issues such as marriage and divorce. Islam has survived through many centuries and remains to be the fastest growing religion in America to date. According to Time Magazine, by 2030 the global population is set to reach over 8 billion and 26. 4% of that population will be Muslim. One of the main problems in understanding Islam is due to the language barrier. Most of the important teachings are written in Arabic.

Majority of the world does not speak this language. Therefore, it is up to the translation to decipher the teachings. Through translation meaning gets lost and is up to interpretation to understand what topics are presented. Interpretations are based off of opinions and are subjected too bias that develops with the interpreter. As a result, it is challenging to get an objective viewpoint to understand Islam. In addition, Immoral practices are administered within the religion of Islam because of cultural standards conflicting with the actual teachings.

This makes it difficult for Muslims already part of the religion to understand the religion further, let alone the Non-Muslims who absolutely have no knowledge about the religion, that are basing their understanding off of bad sources. Such misconceptions result In people developing their criticisms of a religion that Is so far from the actual truth. In the religion Islam, both women and men are spiritually equal because they encompass a soul. The basic meaning behind that Is both partners have the same sense of hearing, speaking, breathing, touching, and assisting.

They also have the ability to choose between what Is right or wrong. What separates a woman from a man is women's capability to procreate. This is purely who do not follow a religion. There is nothing in the Curran verses that implement that men are superior to women. It is purely society's misinterpretation of Islamic teachings that otherwise state the equality between a man and woman. It is social, economic, and biological aspects that differentiate the role of each gender, and thus a role of women should be civil to that of a man.

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