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A Community Foundation in Lakeland Florida and its projects

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Lakeland Florida is one of the cities in Florida that is vested with so many special features that make it so different from the rest of the states. Lakeland has such a philanthropy, which makes it such a big part of the larger community; it has the kindest people who are rare individuals in the way they dedicate themselves to various programs and organizations making Lakeland so special. (Argandona, A. (1999)

Needless to say therefore is the fact that being such a good city with the best features there are so many community foundations in Lakeland ranging from sports, recreation, non-governmental and even church organizations.

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One of the most developed and sound of these organizations is sports and recreation since Lakeland has the best sceneries and attractions that make so suited for this area. (Argandona, A. (1999) as the name suggests Lakeland Florida has so many lakes making fishing to be a recreational activity, fun and even a routine to both residents and non-residents.

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (F. W. C) is one of the community foundations here in Lakeland. The F.W.C encourages and motivates families to enjoy and participate in the joys derived in fishing. Florida is well known and even titled as the capital for fishing in the whole wide world and the best location for such activities as compared to other states. (Lange, H. and Steinman, H. (2000).

The organization as part of its activities will once in a while give special treatment to the people of Florida and beyond, this includes being allowed to do fishing in the fresh public waters without licensing, people are able to appreciate nature and families are able to come together and have fun. (Argandona, A. (1999)

The organizations will also at times give bonus programs where people fish for free, this is a way of promotion and provides incentives in various forms that add to the convenience and cost cutting. These fishing license fees are used for the fish and other wildlife conservation and maintenance purposes. They are also a major source of funds for various programs like habitat restoration, adding stocks of fish and even manage their accessibility.

The organization has also not been left behind in sponsoring competitions and tournaments a good example is Florida Senior Games State Championship, where it enhances and promotes sports and ensures development of the same. (Lange, H. and Steinman, H. (2000) It is greatly supported by other organizations that also sponsor partly an example being the Blue Cross Blue Shield of Florida, Performance Health, and makers of Bio freeze.

Since Florida has one of the best training sites, it is such an economic asset to the State of Florida it generates millions of dollars for our state and thus acts like an economic engine. Lakeland has a lot to offer from the climate, which is conducive all year round, best fans that are so supportive, it is able to attract tourists from all angles and corners of the world that help generate money for our rich economy.

Since 1996, the Florida Sports Foundation help communities to attract sporting events all the year round this gives it good publicity and people identify new areas where they can tour on their holidays and get always. This organization has done Florida so proud and known all over due to its ability to keep up to date with current trends and development in technology thus providing the right services at the right time. (Lange, H. and Steinman, H. (2000)

The Florida Fishing and Wildlife Conservation Commission also provides employment opportunities to the people of Lakeland Florida in various areas, it employs trainers, life savers, cleaners caretakers, managers at different levels of management and even recruits trainees to assist tourists. This earns the economy extra money in terms of labor inflow and also the fee charged to those on training. (Argandona, A. (1999)

The organization also does a lot in encouraging the people to participate in the nation and state building of our state joyfully without complaining since they pay to have fun and the money so collected helps in development activities which goes to construction of more infrastructure and also new projects are started to develop the same.

Citizens are able to feel included and recognized; it also creates individual confidence and self-discipline in all activities. (Argandona, A. (1999)

Other activities include promoting health that goes to raising the life expectancy. In conclusion, the F.W.C is an organization to reckon with bearing in mind that it has made our sports and recreation to be such a big success.


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A Community Foundation in Lakeland Florida and its projects essay

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