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It has always been my dream since my childhood to become either a Nurse or a Lawyer; however, I preferred to be a Nurse. In that way, I can realize both. As a nurse, I can be of help to patients who need our modest care and attention and at the same time, be advocates of patient’s health and rights. I had high ambitions when I entered the field of nursing on the year 2004. Completing the course wasn’t that easy. I seriously took my studies and attain every single requirement to be able to achieve the Nursing degree and eventually, pass the Nurse Licensure Examination.

I applied for training at tertiary hospitals in Davao. One of which is Davao Regional Hospital, a 250 bed health care facility, where I was exposed in various special units. As a neophyte, I got to learn and adjust with the different cases I encountered. It is a fact that nowadays, it is not that easy to find a permanent job as a nurse. I took the challenge of the stiff competition and grabbed every chance only to prove that I don’t easily give up. With high hopes and perseverance, I was hired and given the chance to be a part of the health care team of Davao Doctors Hospital (DDH), the premiere hospital in Mindanao.

I was trained and assigned at the Medical-Surgical Unit, which caters critically and chronically ill patients. Continuing my nursing career at DDH widened my goals, perspective and outlook in this profession. My path and focus toward work aimed for new heights. Taking care of some patient with mechanical ventilators, on going chemotherapy and with various tubes attached, I know that I get to see great things, which I can acquire in this profession.

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I realized that one must have an open-mind and a compassionate heart toward work in order to be effective and efficient in this field of practice. The critical cases of my patients served as challenges considering the care and empathy I feel towards them. The exposures I experience give a new meaning as I end every shift of my duty. It always teaches me to stand tall and surrendering isn’t an option. I consider it an everyday fulfillment.

Fulfilling my goals to become critically aware with the theories and principles of the Nursing profession, achieving my aspiration to become a holistic nurse which can be advocate, practitioner and educator to my patients, as well as to my colleagues, are my main reasons for pursuing the Master of Arts in Nursing major in Adult Health Nursing at the University of the Philippines Open University. With this degree, I know that I can widen my competence and understanding and develop my awareness on the present issues affecting the Nursing profession especially to the area, which I am assigned.

Likewise, it has been my dream, since then, to attain a Master’s degree in a prestigious university like UP. It is also my aim to lead the Nursing team specifically in our unit and even in the whole Nursing Department, where I can provide education to my co-workers and be a model in promoting the best and qualified service to our clients. In addition, considering my location and duty schedule here in Davao, I know that the Open University program would be the best way to achieve my aspirations.

In the future, I hope to achieve new opportunities in the institution I work and even in the wide-range scope of this profession and continue to be a blessing to others. With UPOU, I am best aware that I have the high chances of fulfilling my passion of serving the people and attain high positions in the right time. Finally, I want to become an educator of excellence in health care and continue the tradition of education in our profession and preparing those interested and qualified, who will also become medical and nursing advocates and leaders of the next generation.

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