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Marketing Research –Bottled Drinks

Essay Topic:

The age of bottled drinks has evidently taken the place of the usual canned drinks which most consumer purchase today.The more common contents are green tea and soda drinks, each vying for their own means of market share in their category.While they are also competing for product acceptance, pricing strategies and advertising and promotions, it all boils down the manner to which they are being made available in the market.

Usually, these goods are readily available in the supermarkets and convenience stores for purchase as its primary channel of distribution and leaning on the snack counters and food establishments as their secondary means of distribution to their target markets.

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Direct selling or retail distribution is also evident but these can be connected with the secondary channels as well, since they are expected to be in line with small scale stores or food establishments as well.

As it is, ensuring that they strengthen their ties with the primary distributors, supermarkets and convenience stores is the best way to rely on as far as product identity and awareness is concerned. Being categorized in the beverage line, people are sure to look for such an item on their next visit to the grocery.

Even if a company is successful in endorsing the products through commercials or other mediums of advertising, the fact remains that what a person does not see cannot be identified. While such a resort of aggressively penetrating the secondary channels is a good strategy, it is better to initially saturate the market and ensure that all target market areas have been covered first before going down the secondary channel levels, which will in fact make purchases of the good from the primary channels, a prime source of their other nee

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