Market Research Report on Packaged Fruit Juices & Drinks

Last Updated: 06 Jul 2020
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Fruit beverages in India have come a long way since their first forms to find their permanent place in Indian households. Today you will find yourself bewildered with the choices available if you wish to drink a fruit beverage. Innumerable and eclectic flavors combined with several variants (Juices, drinks or nectars is a testament to the fruit beverage industry transformation. In the view of the rolling future potential of the Industry, Nair Project Consultancy Services has released a new research report titled "Market Research Report on Packaged Fruit Juices & Drinks In India (Present &

Future Potential, Market Insights, Growth Drivers, Opportunities, Industry Size, Porter's 5 Forces, Demand Analysis & Forecasts Upton 2017)". The report alms at providing a thorough understanding and analysis of the Industry by deeply exploring the present status as well as the future prospects of the fruit beverage sector In India in the wake of evolving market dynamics. The report establishes the study by covering data points like growth drivers for the industry, opportunities, present scenario, demand supply estimation & analysis, porters 5 force analysis and key layer information.

The report begins with a brief on global status of the fruit beverage industry and then shares information on the current status of the industry on the domestic front. The report discusses the overview of the sector along with its classification and structure and then further proceeds to analyze the growth drivers and opportunities for the industry. Rising per capita incomes of the Indians, bulging middle class, surging modern trade and growing arbitration will be the macro economic factors that will contribute to its growth.

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Escalating health consciousness mongo Indians has lured them towards fruit beverages and the players have left no stone unturned in capturing this sudden rush of demand. Although the fruit beverage industry is dominated by the loose beverage segment, the share of packaged fruit beverages is gradually rising and eating away the other share. The report then discusses the demand-supply scenario of packaged fruit beverages in India by analyzing various aspects.

The demand for packaged fruit beverages Is captured by studying the consumption volumes and the industry revenues while the supply side involves scrutiny of estimated fruit processing units In the country along tit the fruit production statistics of India. The data discussed above Is supported by graphical representations wherever necessary along with the key forecasts. Moving forward, the report analyzes the attractiveness of the sector by evaluating the status of porters 5 forces prevalent In the sector.

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