Starbucks’ Market Segmentation and Criteria for Targeting Consumers

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There are many types of consumers in the market. Even through the consumers share one category of market segmentation, there are still many factors that the marketers need to consider in combining the marketing mix for the product. There are many types of attitudes and perceptions in the market and these differences among clusters have become more distinct and the groups have become large in terms of number. This is the reason why the marketers learn and analyze the market segmentation just like the other concepts in marketing.

In case of Starbucks, the company needs to analyze its target market and the factors that may affect its segmentation. In this way, the company will be able to provide proper product for proper market and develop appropriate promotion for an appropriate item. Starbucks’ Segmentation Criteria Due to wide range of products, Starbucks has wider consumers. The company serves the products mostly to the homogenous market. In other words, there is no particular age, status, social views, interests, or attitudes in the Starbucks market.

Moreover, the company was able to attract even the non-coffee lovers by offering products that will be accepted in the market but still bear the name of the company. Aside from beverage products, the company also offers sandwiches which enable them to target wider consumers. The design and atmosphere of every Starbucks’ store also add an impact to the customers, making them visit the store not merely for coffee products but also to experience the cold quiet place where they can rest. Homogenous is one of the criteria for market segmentation. It refers to the segment of similar people without too many differences (Witiger.

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com,n. d. ). Because Starbucks offers many products in the market, they are able to target larger groups of customers in the marketplace. Some people may love coffee; therefore these people would probably be loyal market of Starbucks. However, since the company also sells juices and sandwiches, those who are fond of eating subways may also be considered as usual buyers of Starbucks. Moreover, the stores of the company in different places across the globe make them gain more customers with different nationality and culture. Starbucks’ Target Market Apparently, the markets of Starbucks are mostly homogenous.

The market segment of the company is composed of people who are always looking for coffee products. On the other hand, Starbucks provides heterogeneous product range that makes them meet the needs of the market segment. Since the mission of the company is to become the premier provider of fine and quality coffee, Starbucks needs to increase segmentation of the target market. Surprisingly, the Starbucks market is continuously growing locally, regionally, and internationally, making them known and recognized as prominent coffee provider in the world.

Basically, the products of the company are intended for any person and any age. Starbucks offers different kinds of brewed coffee for coffee lovers, creamy blended drinks for people who rarely take coffee, and cocoa and juices for children. The company was able to meet the constantly changing wants and needs of the people. From children to adults, the company has products to offer to them. The Starbucks stores are designed for the diverse needs of individuals. Some people might enjoy sitting and reading inside the store while sipping cold Starbucks products.

On the other hand, some people go to the store to meet and transact business while taking hot brewed Starbucks coffee. Regardless of the perception of the people about societal issues, the products that Starbucks offers to the market find way to satisfy the needs of diverse personalities in the marketplace. The product lines of the company answers the needs of the people of different ages, characters, and interests.


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