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In phase two of carrying out managerial roles in the company, the management is expected to have chosen the best business plans from a pool of proposals formulated from the planning phase. These business plans are proposals for the company’s entry to the typical business user connection, the launching of hosting services, the introduction of home and business solutions, and the release of an innovative technology that will capture majority of the end user population.

The tasks or roles needed to implement each proposal are identified by the management, and the organization is structured in order to assign appropriate human resources to positions strategically to accomplish organizational objectives. For each member, department, or team in the company, the management provides a full overview of what needs to be done and how each will accomplish the work. (Barnett, 2007) Section 4 The third function of the manager is to be able to lead the company to its realization of ultimate goals and objectives.

Leading is not as technical as the aforementioned functions because it relies on the skills and abilities, as well as the character of the manager. Although leading means the actual implementation of each business plan, it requires more than initiating the execution of organizational plans. Leading is reaffirming organizational goals and objectives through power, authority, influence, and interpersonal relationships. (Barnett, 2007) Being a leader means that managers should be able to persuade or influence people into behaving or acting in such a way that the goals and objectives of the company is achieved in the end.

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There are several factors that influence leading capabilities of the managers. To be a strong leader, managers should be able to stimulate or inspire other people in the company to carry out tasks and responsibilities. This has something to do with behavioral analysis and observing the dynamics of the departments or teams within the organization. Perhaps this is a technical area when it comes to leading – the need to observe and note down the characteristic and overall background of each member of the organization to understand how the manager will be able to motivate and inspire them.

(Allen, 1998) For the most part, managers are expected to communicate well with their subordinates as a way of building a desirable and harmonious relationship with other people in the company. This increases the potential of managers to influence subordinates into behaving and acting to accomplish tasks and responsibilities pertaining to the goals and objectives of the company. Therefore, managers should be able to develop pleasing communication and interpersonal skills and through the process promote the goals and objectives of the company that everyone should realize and accomplish. Section 5

If the previous function focuses on the motivational needs of employees during the actual process of carrying out plans for the accomplishment of organizational goals and objectives, controlling is focused on the maintaining a desirable working environment and keeping work operations in check to determine whether all the functions in the company are aligned with the goals and objectives of the company. (Barnett, 2007) Control is highly dependent on the performance of the company. For the most part, the initiative to control is based on the financial report of the company, as well as the status of the company’s end users.

Other standards that managers should keep in mind when it comes to controlling are the rate of the company’s success pertaining to organizational goals and objectives, operations that should adhere to legal and ethical standards, responses from investors, business partners, end users, and other stakeholders, employee performance, etc. Through research or surveying, evaluation, or appraisals, the management is able to determine whether all the processes or operations within the company are working towards the realization of the company’s goals and objectives.

If for instance specific processes or operations within the company are not aligned with organizational goals and objectives, it is also the responsibility of the manager to formulate a plan of action in order to correct incongruity and control company processes or operations to maintain harmony and balance, as it is related with organizational goals and objectives. (Barnett, 2007) Conclusion The success of the company is highly dependent on the management.

The results of company processes and operations that will be reflected on the overall performance of XYZ Internet Company relies on the ability of the management to carry out all roles, responsibilities, and functions effectively and in a timely manner. The company’s realization of its goals and objectives are dependent on the planning, organizing, leading, and controlling functions of the management. Therefore, the XYZ Internet Company values the role that managers play within company processes and operations and trust that they will be delivering the company’s vision and expectations.


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